Hi. My Name is Kristina, and I am a Missionary!

Chances are you read that title and sneered a little…you thought to yourself, “of course you are a missionary, you are writing on the Life Teen Missions page!”  But for me, this is a huge statement.  And as far as an explanation goes I think it’s best to start (kind of) at the beginning.

The odds of me being a missionary were actually pretty great: I come from a long line of pastors and people who love to spread the gospel.  And yet, the disposition of my heart made being missionary seem like a death sentence.

I tried to turn away from this ever being a possibility (I went to school for theatre and chose, what I thought would be, a life that did not include ministry), but somehow God called me back – and even once I felt the push toward holiness and understood that such a call could not be separated from living a missionary lifestyle, I still didn’t want to be called “a missionary”.

You might ask, “What is the difference? What’s in a title?” and the truth is: nothing!  This is what I finally realized.  Whether we are missionary in our actions at work or school, or whether we live and serve in a 3rd world country, we are still classified as “a missionary” – we are God’s missionary.  To be missionary simply means to love; to be Christ to each and every person you see; to spread the Good News of our Lord everyday…and that is the holy and beautiful commission God has bestowed on us all.

I spent the last 2 months secretly cringing each time I was referred to as a missionary.  I wasn’t fully living into the here and now of daily life; I was so bent out of shape because of a silly title.  I was anxiously waiting for what I saw as a transitional year to simply be over, so I could start being missionary in real life…but this is real life!  I now see that God has placed me here not just to skim by and get through it, but to live out each day in this next year (and who knows how long after that) as His missionary.

So my prayer is to not allow myself to be bogged down by titles – popular, geek, jock, business man, priest, mom, or volunteer – and simply be a missionary to all people, in every situation, no matter what I am called….but instead remember the One by whom I am called.  Pray for me, I am praying for you.

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