Got Wealth?

” When we look at the wise, they die; fool and dolt perish together and leave their wealth to others…for when they die they will carry nothing away.” Psalm 72

I am an extremely wealthy person.  I have a wealth that no job or this world could ever provide.  I am rich with Love that comes straight from my Father in heaven manifested through contemplation, my surroundings, relationships, but most deeply in my heart.  I have no great collection of items to leave behind by this worlds standards but there is no question that I MUST leave behind the wealth I know.  The Love I know.  It is a wealth that can be shared with all no matter what their economic standings.  I can not keep the Love locked up in my heart just for me otherwise many will never know the wealth I do.  I desire and have an aching in my heart constantly for ALL to know Christ’s love for them so that they can be wealthy.

Working with teens I hear a lot about young deaths, tragic losses or young people who are dying and need prayers.  At their funerals or when people talk of them you never hear, “O they left behind an IPod for me and all their cash from their hourly job at the local fast food joint.”  No, you hear of their smile and the joy people experienced when they were near them.  You hear of the way they loved others, their friendliness and how they gave of themselves.  Their love is the wealth they leave behind.  People on earth crave that Love.  An authentic love that flows straight from The Sacred Heart. His love pouring out on all His people through His people. I am filled with that Love so I should be spreading it in all that I am and do.  Allowing Christ to shine through me to be that light in the darkness.  This wealth will go with us to heaven, can be seen and shared as we live on earth, and can be left behind for the world.  What other wealth can do all that?   Got Wealth?  SPREAD IT!!!

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