Building Relationships That Last

Last year I prayed a lot (okay, I know, no surprise there!), but I prayed a lot about my mission this year, the things that God was calling me to as I entered my second mission year. I prayed and prayed and prayed, and one word continued to stick out to me: relationship. God was asking me to build relationships, face to face, soul to soul contact in the midst of a technology run world. I questioned a lot how this would work, especially with all the people I know who don’t live in Atlanta. Continually in prayer God promised he would provide the means. A few weeks ago, we traveled to The Woodlands, Texas and God rang true in his promise. This summer I had the joy of serving a parish from the Houston area. Since camp ended I have stayed in touch via Facebook, and I contacted miss Kelli and her daughter Natalie. I met both of them at camp and fell in love with their family and their witness. On monday night, the girls drove out to the conference to see me and catch up with me. (Let’s just point out that the drive was an hour both ways! They are so great!) Although we didn’t get to spend a ton of time together, God showed me how to build a lasting soul to soul relationship. WOW! God has lived out his promise already and I’m excited to see where he takes me next and what kind of relationships I will be building soon.

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