Proving Me Wrong

I heard a story recently about an orphanage in a third world country. They had run out of food and the kids were going to go without dinner. The director decided to use it as a teaching opportunity, he called in all the kids and asked them to sit at their tables. He then told them they had no food and they needed to pray that someone would bring them dinner.

As the kids started praying one little boy approached the man and asked what kind of food to pray for. The man then replied that they should pray for whatever kind of food they wanted. The boy pondered this for a moment and then announced he was going to pray for meat. He loved meat, but they did not eat it very often because it was expensive.  There happened to be a food show in the nearby big city.  A sales representative from a meat company called some friends of the orphanage and told them that he had a few cases of samples of the finest meat  that he needed to get rid of.  The friends of the orphanage called the director and asked if they could use some food.  Soon the extra meat arrived at the orphanage for the boys to eat for dinner. The boy had his prayers answered.

As I heard this story all I could think if was God’s providence and the power of prayer. I find myself in awe daily of the things God will do if we only ask. I have never needed to pray that God will provide dinner but in starting this year as missionaries in Atlanta, we were in great need of housing. So we prayed and prayed. Honestly after a few weeks I had given up hope, I though that God had forgotten about housing. I covered up my fear with jokes and laughter and I even challenged God, I started asking that our housing would have wonderful amenities like a pool and a gym.  I remember thinking “God, I’m a missionary.  I don’t need much but please provide us suitable housing.

Well, God’s providence is good. Just like the little boy received the finest meat, God sent us an opportunity to live in an apartment complex that even had a pool and a gym.  God answers prayers and answers them abundantly. He is so amazing he even proves my doubting wrong. God, thank you for your providence and for proving me wrong.  Thanks for showing off your great love for me!

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