It’s Not to Late, Let’s Give it a Double Take

Hello Everyone! I was thinking about writting my next blog today, and decided that I should take some time and let you know a little bit about who I am.  My name is Melissa Ginther and I am a 22 year old college graduate from Millbrook, Alabama. I have been blessed to grow up with both of my parents, an older brother, and an identical twin sister. My twin, Sarah, and I grew up playing sports, and being involved in way too many extracurricular activities. The one sport I remember being a part of my life for the longest was softball. I played softball for nearly twelve years and was blessed with the gift of playing in college.

Growing up I was a typical teen, who never really had a grand conversion. God really stepped into my life in a deeper way at the end of my Junior year of High school on a NET Retreat. The retreat truly changed my life and challenged me to start living out what I was preaching. Life was definitely not any easier after that decision, but so worth it! I traveled to Covecrest for the first time as a camper in July of 2005, with my parish. After that summer, I headed off to college where I played softball full time as a student athlete, and then ended up applying for Life Teen Summer Staff 2006.

I was a Summer Staffer in June of 2006 and June of 2007, which was an incredible experience to say the least. That summer, God really began to show me what it meant to be a servant for others. From August of 2007 to May of 2008, I served with National Evangelization Teams (NET) at a two parishes near Saint Michael, Minnesota. I worked the Outpost at camp the next summer, and then headed off to finish my last two years of school, at Southern Catholic, a college in the north Georgia mountains. During that time, I was so blessed with the opportunity to serve the community of the Catholic Church of Saint Monica through the youth group, whom I loved dearly!

In the middle of my final semester at college, I decided to apply to be a Life Teen Missionary. I decided to apply because I felt like the Lord was leading me to a place where He could really call me deeper into prayer, and develop the gifts that he has given to me. God has always led me deeper with each Covecrest experience.  So in the middle of September, I packed up my little red car and drove about an hour and a half north to see what God had in store for me here once again – this time as a Life Teen Missionary!

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