In Case of an Emergency

On Friday October 15th, five female missionaries, including myself, were sent out to begin God’s international Life Teen mission by traveling on British Airways to Germany. As the plane was getting ready for take off, the staff went carefully through the normal safety features in case of an emergency but this time there was a helpful animated video to go along with the procedure. I noticed that I was pretty familiar with these instructions but when it got to the part of what to do in case of a drop in cabin pressure, it reminded me of an analogy I once heard. As soon as the oxygen mask falls from the overhead cabin you must first put on your own mask before you can help those around you. Well, the same goes in our faith because we cannot give what we do not have.

It’s so important to take the time to really form a deep spiritual relationship with Christ and have right order. Even Pope John Paul II calls everyone out by saying that we must be  “contemplative in action.” This can be very challenging for many in a world that is constantly in a life style of “doing.” I, myself, thought that giving and serving as a missionary would be a piece of cake, but boy was I wrong.

Just like most sports and musical instruments you also must practice, practice, practice in order to obtain better results in prayer life. Over this past month at Covecrest I’ve grown to find different ways to be spiritually filled like greeting each new day with the Lord in the St. Stephen’s chapel for Morning Prayer. There is nothing like starting the day being able to thank Him for all the ways He’s blessed my life. For God invites each of us to worship as a lifestyle and to constantly be a reservoir in order that our ministry may flow out of our spiritually. Challenge your self that you may always be in the posture of receiving the graces of God. If you live this, your faith be contagious.

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