Be kind, please rewind.

This past May I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Texas State University and was ready to take on the world.  My plan was to have one last fun summer while training to get in shape for the military.  My sister who is the youth minister for my home parish got it in her head that I would make a wonderful missionary.  That was definitely not my plan.

Throughout the summer, I intentionally put the thought of being a missionary out of my mind.  However, my sister would not leave it alone. My sister kept telling me that she thought I would be an awesome missionary.  When God wants something, He can be very stubborn.  He made me stubborn too.  To get me to move, I know that God has to be persistent with me to overcome my stubbornness.  I had a feeling that my sister’s persistence in encouraging me to be a Life Teen Missionary was really from God.  August rolled around and that meant a few things: continue the steps required to get into the Navy, move back home, and find a job at home until I get into the Navy.  Having a degree usually means finding a job easier, but apparently not when God has other plans for you.  I applied at numerous places that I thought would be a sure deal, but had no luck.

While attending a Life Teen weekly event as a semi-core member for my home parish, I had a big realization.  I realized that for most of my life I had been playing tug of war with God over what to do with my life.  That night, I went home and told myself that I no longer wanted to play that game, and thats where it took off.  I logged onto facebook and had received a message from Chris Benzinger asking me if I had given any thought to becoming a missionary.  I knew that God had set that in my place and so I began my process to become a missionary.

Now most people who apply to this life take months to discern, fill out their papers, and get everything ready for the missionary year.  I had four weeks!  Two weeks before I was to actually arrive at Covecrest for my training I had finally submitted my full application and was told I would receive a call on whether I was accepted or not.  A week before I was to arrive at Covecrest I receive a call saying that I was accepted to be part of the Europe Missionary Team!

So in a week I had to prepare to not only be a missionary for a year but to be prepared to be living in Europe.  Things that most other missionaries have weeks or even months to prepare for I was able to get done in one week.  This was not due to my ‘hardwork’ but because the Holy Spirit guided me to fulfill God’s will.  I was amazed at what I was able to get done in such a short time.  Actually, I did not make it happen.  It was all God.  This was a little over a month ago and the experiences I have had since then are simply indescribable and amazing.  I have made a right decision or two in my life but the decision to say yes to God’s mission as a Life Teen missionary is the best one yet!

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