God talks to me through Disney Movies and Superheroes, say what?

This past Monday, the Life Teen Covecrest and Atlanta communities came together for a day of prayer to discern the Lord’s will for the future of the three Life Teen mission bases.  We spent about eight hours in prayer, stopping only to eat lunch and take pictures for our blogs.

We started the day off in St. Stephens’s chapel doing morning prayer, followed by an intercessory rosary for the Covecrest mission base. After each decade we would sit in silence and everyone would share what the Lord was giving them in prayer about the future of the Covecrest Mission base. After lunch we all gathered in the main room and sat in silence reflecting on the crucifix as we prayed about the future of the Atlanta base. Throughout the meditation people would speak out loud whatever the Lord was putting on their hearts about the Atlanta base. Once this was over we moved outside and basically did the exact same thing only this time it was concerning the Germany mission base.

By the end of this prayerathon I was spiritually exhausted and really frustrated! I am not used to this style of prayer and I felt like I was doing it wrong.  I spent the entire day in prayer for these mission bases and I listened as all the really holy people around me spoke out loud about images of Mary, baby Jesus, the crucifixion, and many other holy images.  I was so frustrated because all I could think about during this prayer time was Disney movies and Batman!

Later on that night I expressed my frustration to one of my missionary sisters. I told her how I hated today because all I got in prayer was Disney movies and Batman and everyone else received a bunch of holy, more mature images. Her response really stuck with me.  She told me that she did not expect the Lord to talk to me in any other way than through Disney movies and Batman because that is my language.  She showed me that God talks each of us in our own personal way and that I should not get upset when God gives me unusual things in prayer. I should rejoice because the Lord knows me intimately and is speaking to me in a way that I can understand.

As I went back and thought about the Disney Movies and Batman that God showed me in prayer, I realized that he was speaking to my heart about the different mission bases through these images. God is a pretty fun God and He doesn’t always talk to everyone in very profound images and ideas. Sometimes He speaks to the child in us, and I choose to embrace that. Here is what God showed me during the meditations:

Covecrest Meditation: Pocahontas

I thought a lot about Pocahontas running through the woods towards her grandmother willow tree. I thought about how Pocahontas was exhausted, scared, and worn out yet was running to grandmother willow for comfort.  Grandmother willow was a true source of peace for Pocahontas. I started thinking about how this relates to Covecrest and I realized that Covecrest is a lighthouse for so many people, a place where they run to be refreshed and rejuvenated, a place where they feel safe. Many people run to Covecrest in the same way that Pocahontas ran to grandmother willow. I think God wants Covecrest to continue to be a place of rest, prayer, and rejuvenation for the people of this world.

Atlanta Meditation: Batman/ Gotham City

I thought a lot about Gotham City and how it’s a lot like the city of Atlanta. The city is in trouble spiritually and it needs a lot of help. In Gotham city they throw up the Batman symbol in the sky during times of trouble and Batman answers the call. With Atlanta I just felt like God was throwing up his own type of batman symbol but instead of Batman showing up, God is calling nine missionaries to the city to answer the call.

Germany Mediations: Disney Channel Original movie: Twitches

Twitches came out in 2005 when I was a freshman in high school.  The movie is about two twin sisters who were separated at birth yet met up on their 21st birthday and realize they are witches and need to use their powers to save their home world from the darkness that is destroying it. The only way to vanquish the darkness is to figure out what the opposite of darkness is and use that opposite thing to defeat the darkness. For almost the entire movie these twins think that the opposite of darkness is light, only in at the end do they realize that the opposite of darkness is love. For those of you who don’t know, Europe as a whole is very spiritually dark right now and Christianity seems to be dying, much like the twins home world in the movie. However to defeat the darkness, they used love. This made me think that the only way to really bring Christ to the people of Europe is to love them unconditionally and to share God’s love with them.

At first I thought it was weird that God talked to me this way but now I am thankful for it. God talks to me through Disney movies and Superheroes! How does he talk to you?

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