The Art of Being Human

A topic that we have been talking about in these first weeks of missionary training is the art of being human.  One night, all the girls got together and cooked a meal while being taught how to prepare a meal and how to be good hosts. At first, I was really confused why we were doing that.  Cooking had nothing to do with my spiritual growth so why was I concerned with making a ricotta pesto pasta?  Well Kristen, an amazing missionary and woman of God, taught us that when we are so focused on our spiritual journey we often tend to divorce our humanity.  I took this to prayer and realized that I had done just that without even realizing.  I never contiously said “Kaitlin, your flesh is bad” but I had put aside passions that weren’t directly connected to my spiritual journey.  For instance, I LOVE spanish.  I also enjoy making collages, running, making funny videos, using my imagination, discovering new things, playing tennis, and writing pointless letters to people.  These things do not necessarily lead me to holiness but CAN glorify God.  God desires me to use and enjoy the gifts He has given me!  He gave me these passions and desires for me to be fully human and fully His!  I am so excited to explore what it means to be human while still maintaining my spiritual journey. Jesus lived for thirty years just being human in Nazareth even though He was the Son of God.  So I call this time to be more human my Nazareth time.  God created us as humans in His image and likeness, blessed us, and proclaimed us very good.  Live into the art of being human!  Discover yourself in Nazareth! Glorify Him in all you do!

With a glad and grateful heart,


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