Divine Appointments: Instant Oatmeal or Milk?

It was an early morning…the hotel room was still darkened by the heavy curtains, I prayed morning prayer, went downstairs, and started to prepare Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal for breakfast. I poured the dry oats into a styrofoam bowl. As I was drenching them with hot water, a man from Guatemala came up to me and asked what the difference was between the canisters labeled “skim milk” and “2% milk.”

Normally, I would have been quick to judge anyone who didn’t know the difference between these two types of milk. Yet, God is good and taught me a lessen through this situation. He put compassion in my heart as I realized that I would be like this man when I go to Europe in October. I barely know anything about the German or Dutch languages; at least this man knew how to speak English. As I was explaining the differences between the fat content in these two types of milk, he began sharing with me that he was preparing to move to Germany with his family!  He had no idea that I was moving to Germany as well. He works for an airline and is being transferred to Germany. I could not believe what I was hearing! He went on to share his anxieties about moving to his new home. When I told him that I was also moving to Germany, he asked me how I felt about going.  I shared that I had peace about it because I knew that the Lord was instructing me to go there.

We talked for a few minutes and he then said that our discussion made him feel better. He went on to say that he believes that sometimes things happen at a specific time so that people can help each other. He believed that our conversation was one of those instances. In our Life Teen mission community, we call these Divine Appointments. We believe that God specifically brings people into our lives so that we can share His love with them and receive His love from them. This provided us with the opportunity to talk about God as I learned that He was once a practicing Catholic. We exchanged prayer intentions and he found relief in his heart and a deeper desire to trust that God will take care of his anxieties.

The Lord blest my heart with so much joy as I could relate to what this man was feeling. I will be in his position in two weeks, when I go to Europe. I’m learning that in ministry, the Lord brings people into our lives who have been through similar situations so that we can grow in compassion and trust more deeply in God’s control and not our own. I love God’s little daily lessons in the simple things; even in making a bowl of instant oatmeal and discussing the fat content in milk.

I hope you are well and know that you are blessed. I invite you to join me on God’s mission. Please pray for me as I NEED your prayers.  Your prayer is powerful.  Pray that I will be open to the Holy Spirit. As missionaries, we also rely on Divine Providence for our finances.  In other words, we live only on what people like you give us.  Ask the Lord if he would like you support me financially as a missionary.  If yes, please make checks payable to “Life Teen Missions” and put Pamela Savoia in the memo line. You can mail them to:

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