Peanut Butter, Dance Parties, Sardines, Oh My!

Missionary blogs are supposed to be a place where the missionaries can share with everyone what’s going on in their lives and how the Lord is moving in their hearts. Well, a random fun fact about me is that I can only do so much sharing about the seriousness of my heart before my heart gets shared out. So I’ve decided that I’m going to take it down a notch and write a blog every four to five weeks about all the cool, fun things Life Teen Missionaries like to do. So here’s my first blog about the fun stuff missionaries like to do:

1.) Dance Parties – Whether we’re in the kitchen cleaning up dishes or we have the main conference room to ourselves for the night, we all love to dance! We’ll crank up the sound system and dance like crazy. It’s quite fun and sometimes dangerous, but still really fun!

2.) Rummy Cube / Sardines – Rummy cube is basically gin rummy but with plastic number cubes instead of with a deck of cards.  Sardines is just another version of hide and go seek! One person hides and everyone else tries to find the hidden person.  Once you find the person, you hide with them until everyone is packed into the hiding place like Sardines.  We like to wait until it gets dark outside so we can play Sardines in the dark inside the main lodge.

3.) Eat Peanut Butter – The ultimate missionary food. We love this stuff! During our first two weeks alone of mission academy we went through about five massive jars of peanut butter. We eat it on bread, on apples, by the spoonful out of the jar or on top of anything else we can think of.

4.) Kayak/ Paddle board on Lake Covecrest – Two weeks ago there was a family who visited Covecrest for the first time.   The husband works for an outdoor adventure company brought with them a truck full of kayaks and paddle boards for us to test out.  We had a blast on the lake here at Covecrest!

5.) Music – Almost every single missionary this year with Life Teen can sing, play guitar, play the drums, play piano, or do a combination of those things. Missionaries are playing music around here all the time and it’s pretty cool.

6.) Basketball – We play basketball quite a bit as well.  Last week, Fr. Jacob came to Covecrest for Missionary Formation and every night we played two on two with him. Fr. Jacob dominated the court.

7.) Insanity – Every morning at 6:10am in the main lodge some of the missionaries wake up for optional work out time. They do the Insanity workout program and they totally named it right because the program is insane! I’ve only gone twice so far because I enjoy sleeping but on the days that I have gone it’s been crazy! The fitness instructor who runs the workouts is Sean Tee and he is Insane!

So there’s a small list of some of the fun stuff we like to do. Every day is a new adventure as a missionary.  I never knew how much fun it would be to be a missionary.

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