Erik and Bridget Martin


As the Global Life Night, THIRST FOR CHANGE, is on-going it got me thinking about how amazing it is that just about everywhere we go in America, in every public place, we have FREE drinkable water available to us. Whether it is out of a faucet or a drinking fountain, the fact of the matter is we can drink it if we were thirsty and we never really have to worry about getting sick.  Not only that, but we have a variety of other beverages at our fingertips, the difference though is that the other beverages cost money.

Imagine living in a place where your only water source looked like this picture below.

This picture was taken on our mission trip to Ghana last year.  A majority of the people in these remote villages do not have access to any source of beverage to quench their thirst, so they are forced to drink this contaminated water.  The reality is children are dying because of it.  While I was in Haiti and in Ghana, it crushed me to see these children begging for something to drink.  I have never personally experienced the thirst that I saw in these children’s faces.

We have clean water virtually at our finger tips, from the twist of a knob or a push of a button, FREE clean water flows and yet we choose to purchase bottled water or other beverages.  Imagine if we only drank water that came out of the faucet how much money we would save. Suppose you drank a Starbucks coffee once a week, to make the math easy let’s average that to $5 a coffee, for 52 weeks, that’s $260! Or maybe it’s an energy drink, a Gatorade or a Pop (that’s right I said Pop, shout out to the Great North West), imagine how much money we could put towards a village having clean water to drink.

I am making a commitment to fast from all beverages other than free water sources to support our global life night, Thirst for Change.  Will you join me in this? Maybe it’s for a week, a month, or even a year and use the money that you would have spent on Starbucks, Gatorade, or Pepsi to go towards this project in providing clean water for our brothers and sisters in Ghana.  I pray that the Lord convicts you as much as He has convicted me!

“And all who believed were together and had all things in common; and they sold their possessions and goods and distributed them to all, as any had need.”

– Acts 2: 44-45

Erik and Bridget Martin

About the Author

Erik and Bridget were married in April of 2011. Bridget was a missionary with Family Missions Company for 10 years and Erik became a missionary with Life Teen in 2007. They currently live and serve at Life Teen Covecrest, located in Tiger, GA focusing on local outreach and leading short term foreign mission trips for college students.