Another Year with My All in All

There are no words to describe how amazing this past year has been for me.  The blessings that the Lord has poured out and keeps pouring out upon me are true signs of His everlasting love for me.  Last summer when my heart truly said Yes to the Lord and allowed Him to take full control of my life, I really had no idea where it was going to lead me.  I could have never written a better story than the one He wrote for me.

During my first mission year, we talked about discerning God’s will.  Discernment was a new concept for me.  I was unsure of where to begin when the time came for me to start thinking about what I was going to do when my mission year ended. No plan or idea gave me much peace. Little did I know that my discernment had begun back in January (we will get back to that).  I started this summer excited about being camp coordinator and all that God was preparing to teach me through that experience.  In early June, Chris Benzinger, the director of Life Teen Missions, and I met to discuss where I thought God might be calling me.  He shared with me his desire to have a second year missionary serve as Mission Coordinator and female role model at Covecrest.  He asked if I would be interested in staying another year to possible take on this mission.  At that point, I desired to be missionary but I did not know how or where.  I just knew that the missionary lifestyle was the way I desired to live.  I did not know how to respond to the invitation, so I told Chris I would pray about it and let him know.  I began searching the internet for a Novena to pray but Google overwhelms me sometimes when I am not specific enough so I gave up.  If I was suppose to pray a Novena, God would provide me with one.  At the same time, I just continued to pray in my own personal prayer.  When I pray, I tend to address Jesus by the same title for weeks at a time.  At this time I was referring to Him as “My All in All.”  One week later, I went to my mailbox in the office.  In the mailbox was this little blue book entitled, “Jesus My All in All, A Novena to Mother Teresa.”  After I freaked out about God’s Providence, I began to pray the novena.  It was a truly beautiful novena that brought peace and clarity.

Back in January during my eight day retreat, I read a book about Mother Teresa.  I remembered writing down a quote in my journal. So I went back in my journal to find it.  I came across an entry from one of my holy hours during my silent retreat that said “Kaitlin, would you stay here if you could?” I responded, “God, do you mean Covecrest? Georgia? United States? Mission?”  He said nothing, but now six months later I know the answer to all of those is YES!  After a month of prayer (really since January), I said yes to remaining with Life Teen Missions for another year as the Mission Coordinator for Covecrest team, a role that includes falling deeper in love with Jesus and coordinating formation, logistics, discipleship, outreach and evangelization.  I feel so much peace about this decision and am confident in the way the Lord is moving through Life Teen Missions.  I am excited to journey deeper into God’s mission through Life Teen.

I have full confidence in the Lord’s plan, His providence and His invitation to “go out and make disciples of all nations” Matthew 28:19 . There are three ways we can respond to this invitation to all Christians: by being an active missionary, by joining an active missionary as a mission partner through prayer or financial support, or denying the call.   I believe so strongly in the power of prayer after witnessing the ways it has changed my lives and the lives of so many this past year.  I ask all of you for your prayers for me and the twenty-two other Life Teen missionaries who have generously said yes to this invitation from “My All in All”.

We are three weeks into the new missionary year and what an adventure it has been already.  God has brought together a beautiful new family that is ready and willing to BE HIS!!  I can’t wait to see where He leads us!

With a glad and grateful heart,


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