I Love You Too.

Just a few weekends ago I was blessed to be part of the Work Staff at the LEAD conference in Schönstatt, Germany, put on by MCYM and the Franciscan University of Steubenville. Beyond registration, answering questions, and small acts of service, the Lord had so much in store for me. Hearing the speakers share a part of their hearts was an inspiration and one talk on the Father’s love stood out to me in particular. The speaker shared that this summer the Lord had challenged her to say to Him not, “I love you” but, “I love you too.”

Gosh, “I love you too?” Its hard enough for me just to say, “I love you” sometimes. It carries so much weight. Sometimes I’m not even sure that I know what love is or if I know how to love.

It seems then, that its not just those three little words that are so important but rather that one three-letter word. The speaker shared how that one word signifies that our prayers are merely a response to God’s love for us. When I tell Him that I love him too, that “too” reminds me of who I am. I am not the pursuer in this relationship, rather I am being pursued. He is the bridegroom and I am the bride. I don’t have to worry about who’s going to say the “l” word first in this relationship or if it will truly be meant. He has already revealed His deep love for me. He is whispering in every moment of each day, “I love you.”

And the craziest part is that He loves me now in all of my messiness. Let me reiterate that: He loves me NOW! He’s not waiting for me to achieve something or waiting for me to change x, y or z. He doesn’t love me for what I do but for who I am. He doesn’t keep track of all that I’ve done wrong and hold it against me. He’s not holding out on me. He loves me here and now—exactly as I am. And He loves you too, right here, right now and He always will. So next time you go to tell the Lord that you love Him, just remember that He said it first!

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