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So, I’m sure you’ve all heard of writer’s block. Well I’d like to start this blog with a similar topic: a little something that I like to call “Blogger’s Block.” Its different from writer’s block because its not that I don’t know what to say or how to end a story. I have a million different things I could and would like to write about. No, my problem is going from “thinking in my head/conversation” mode to “explain what I’m talking about in writing” mode. Its a tough transition for me. I have a hard time saying what I want to say. Once, when discussing my writing style, I said to my sister, “I know, I write informally; I write like I speak,” and she answered rather earnestly, “No. You write how you think you speak, but you don’t talk like that.” Reflecting a bit, her honesty lent me a great deal of clarity as I discovered that she was right. Since then, I’ve become aware that oftentimes when I’m writing some other voice comes out on paper, its not really how I think or how I speak, its this weird writing voice that doesn’t say what I want it to.

 Making this a long story short, I want to go for more authenticity and get out of this “Blogger’s block” by really trying to write this (and future blogs) as if I were speaking to you and not getting stuck in a big wordy mess. So, get ready for raw(er) Amanda. 

The hills are girded with joy,

the meadows covered with flocks,

the valleys are decked with wheat.

They shout for joy, yes, they sing.

-Psalm 65 

The other day in morning prayer, that verse was a part of the psalmody. I started to think about all the scriptures I know that mention plants, animals, etc praising the Lord or being filled with joy.  It is really incredible to me that hills can be “girded” with joy and that valleys covered in wheat can sing. How exactly does a valley go about doing that? Then, it hit me that they “sing for joy” simply by being, living, and growing. They don’t make a decision to be joyful and praise God, they simply do by existing and becoming what God created them to be.

That really boggles my mind, but I want to live that joy. I want to praise God with my life, not with things that I accomplish, but with who I am–simply being who I was created to be. As I was thinking about that, a beautiful thought popped into my mind that kind of synthesized all that I had been thinking, “I have to become simpler.” Amen. I had a lesson to learn from that valley covered in wheat and its been a great reminder resounding in my heart ever since. I pray that we can all find the joy in living out who we are, for, “the glory of God is man fully alive!” (St. Irenaeus). God bless you! : )

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