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It’s early morning, and nobody is up yet.  I have beaten the crowd to the office.  There is no noise.  AWESOME!!!! I just shouted this.

This might be my favorite time of the day.  When everyone else is still asleep.  I feel that I am the only one awake right now and am spending it one on one with God. But I think I enjoy this so much because of the freedom and the community that surrounds me.  Otherwise I would wake up in the morning and just feel loneliness, depression, and weariness.  I love my family and am so thankful for them.  I am glad that my wake up call from my past life came in the form of a mission camp.

I am reminded of another family and the wake up call that they might be going through right now.  I spent a weekend with an order of priests called the Legionaries of Christ.  They are some amazing priests.  The faith of many of them is something to aspire to.  I stayed there for the weekend and ended up hanging out with their co-workers.  We went to a lot of sights, had dinner at the house of an amazing family, played tennis, and had Mass.  Though, what stands out to me the most is when Fr. Peter asked me to come to the hospital with him and play some music and pray with a young man he had been visiting.

This man had been in the marines and was a really popular guy.  He was fit and healthy and in every picture I saw him smiling.  A few months ago, he fell off a three story balcony and is still trying to recover.  He can barely move, and there is some brain damage.  But there is some definite healing that is happening.  In the physical sense he can talk and move slightly more everyday.  But what I meant was the spiritual.  His family is divorced and the father has been unable to receive communion for years.  Yet, with this horrific accident, God is using it to bring himself back into the family.  The father has been communicating with the mother and they are coming together to take care of their son.  The daughter who might have been isolating herself from the family is now doing school, playing games, and talking along the bedside everyday with her family.  They are praying so much more!  As I was singing, I was able to open my eyes and I saw the the father kneeling at the bedside holding the hand of his son.  He was just praying fervently for the healing of his family.  It was an awesome sight to see.  Lately, the summer staff has been talking a lot about the wounds that a father can make, but Erik made a comment that is sometimes hard to stomach “there is no love like the love of father.  At first it made me mad and I found it hard to believe.  What about all those abusive fathers? What about the fathers who were afraid of the responsibility and just left?  That doesn’t seem like love to me.

But the more I began to watch this father, I realized that that statement is true.  There is no love like that of a father.  When father’s get past their own fear, their own failures, and their own wounds, they are free to love like no one else.  It was amazing to watch this dad kneel before his son and love him the way his son needed it.

God is amazing because even when we get ourselves into trouble he still moves.  I don’t blame him for this accident, I blame him for all the goodness that is coming out of this.

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