“Maria I’m not going to flood you”

Last week I got to go home for a few days because I had orientation for college. I was so excited for orientation but ended up leaving so confused. It was a flood of information all at once and I felt overwhelmed by the whole day. I ended up not picking a good schedule because I wasn’t sure what classes I really needed to be taking. I also realized that I had a lot of things to get done before the first day of school which is August 16, but my missionary year doesn’t end until August 15, so needless to say it was a pretty stressful day. I left orientation and went to the church near my house to pray. I was just laying down everything before the Lord and asking Him to help me because at that moment college was seeming so overwhelming and I hadn’t even started! My prayer time was good and I felt like the Lord was just telling me to calm down and that He would take care of things.

Just as I left and was driving to my friends house, I saw a HUGE rainbow in the sky that was sooo bright and colorful! As I saw it I couldn’t help but laugh knowing that God was taking care of me. I heard this soft little voice in my soul say “Maria I’m not going to flood you”. I had a sense of peace come over me and my stress from orientation and all I had to do before college started melting away.

And then, yesterday in morning prayer the line stuck out to me from psalm 65, it says “And thus you provide for the earth; you drench its furrows, you level it, soften it with showers, you bless its growth” This made me realized that sometimes it seems like the Lord is pouring a lot out on me, but really it is all for my growth! The Lord will never pour more water on us then we can handle, and when times get tough and stressful I must always remember this! Thank you Jesus for the rain AND the rainbow!

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