Wowed by God (and summer staff!)

So these past two weeks have been very different and interesting. All maintenance, service crew and summer staff has come in and the ‘final’ preparations have begun. The first week was a week of service and work-projects, getting the camp in shape for all the teens that will be coming here this summer. We knocked out numerous small projects and finished up bigger ones like our renovated cabin John XXIII, a new platform for the zip-line, decoration and stage for the main room, home visits to people from the meals-on-wheels route, planning and setting up the obstacle course and more. This was a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. During the evenings everyone would gather at Cole House for a session with music, a talk, journaling time and sharing. I wasn’t able to be present every evening because of camp responsibilities, but I joined in where I could. The few songs we sang to praise the Lord and to quiet our hearts for the Lord by singing Him praises was incredibly powerful. Dustin did an amazing job leading us all into worship. The Holy Spirit came down in torrents during these intense moments of group praise & worship and when I think back I realize how it build me up so much. I love praise & worship; it just seems to fasten the connection of my heart to God’s. During the outside Adoration my heart burned with passion for my God and the Holy Spirit enlightened my mind by re-introducing His mission to me of which I am a part here at Covecrest. This was needed; I was having difficulty finding joy in many aspects of the mission lately, and had a hard time differentiating between what was truth and what lies the devil was feeding me to believe, or partial lies that left me pondering over relatively trivial matters which left me frustrated and disappointed in the end.

Having daily Mass these past two weeks has been fantastic. The strength that flows out of this Sacrament is beyond understanding. I feel drawn more and more to the heart of Christ and to remain close to Him because I am able to consume Him every day. This in combination with my daily holy hour and hearing so many of the summer staff speak truth during their sharing has been healing my heart, brought joy to it, and allows me to see beyond my weaknesses, the weaknesses of those around me, and the prospect of Christ setting thousands of heart ablaze this summer with Him using me as one of His instruments. Moreover, it’s been great to minister to other young adults and learn from each other through soul-to-soul conversations and deep genuine sharing. I notice how I’ve missed this but how it is lifting me up now, at a time when I seem to need it most. My God knows me well.

A beautiful song we’ve been singing during Adoration is To Know Your Name by Hillsong. God desires our hearts to be His so we can become fully alive in Him.

Please surround the Dutch mission base with your prayers!

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