Holy Spirit + Post Office = Mass!!!

Howdy Everyone!

A  few days ago, I prepared to mail a package. I put all of the items in it, put the address on it, and taped it closed. I didn’t have the ability to mail it that day, so I kept the box in my room until today.  In our community, Monday is our day of rest since we normally have a pretty heavy ministry schedule on Sundays. As I was preparing for my day, the Lord reminded me that I needed to mail the package and told me that I should leave the house as soon as possible. So, I did…I love adventures with Jesus.

As I was standing in line at the post office, I overheard a conversation between the clerk and her customer. The customer was telling the clerk about the horrible back pain she has been having. I continued to listen as I paid for my package when the Lord told me to pray with the woman. I was like, “God, we are in a line in the post office…do you really want me to do it now???” Of coarse the Lord wanted me to speak up there ( Uncomfortability becomes the comfortable norm in the missionary field)! So, I had to be obedient to Him. When I asked her if she wanted prayers, she said quickly said yes. I helped the woman carry some packages to her car and then asked her if I could pray over her. The Holy Spirit worked much in both of our hearts during the prayer. Afterwards, she told me that she was so blest by the prayer and conversation that she wants to start going to Mass!

Today, Jesus showed me again that He is everywhere, especially in those who are suffering. We do not have to travel far and wide to meet Him. We just need to be attentive to the Spirit’s promptings, obey, and remain open to whatever He wants to do. As I was praying over the woman, it was evident that she was still in physical pain. I was getting a bit frustrated with the Lord because I have seen Him heal people before and knew full well that He could take away her pain. I was like, ‘Come on, God, can you please heal this poor woman already!’ He told me to keep praying; so, I did. Her physical pain did not go away. However, when I was done praying with her, she shared more of her personal story with me. It was then that I knew that the Lord wanted to heal her heart.

Today, a ‘normal’ Monday, turned out to be an incredible day of prayer for me. It was a good reminder that as believers, we are always “on.” We must always be willing to say “yes” to Jesus in the normal routines of our daily lives, even if it makes us a bit uncomfortable as these circumstances bear so much fruit. Praise the God who is here always and forever!

Be blest by the power of the Holy Spirit who is alive and well!

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