“Will I allow the Lord to handle this?” Plans for the Future

I realized that I do a really bad job letting people know about my discernment process for this year and where I think that God is leading me life.  For the past few years I have really felt the Lord leading me in the direction of nursing. Growing up I never had any desire to be in the medical field but God placed this desire on my heart to care for the person’s body and soul. He gave me a desire to bring His love to all those who are sick and suffering.  All throughout school I was never a big fan of science. I thought it was very cool and fascinating but it confused me a lot too! When I felt the Lord calling me go into the medical field I thought it must be a mistake, how on earth was I going to make it through nursing school?

In this missionary year I have still really felt the Lord calling me to pursue nursing and go to college. I Graduated high school a year ago and so unlike all my friends who jumped right into college, I have spent this year being a missionary and my mind for school has turned off. So many times when I talk to people and tell them about how I am going to study nursing next year I always hear the same responses…”Oh man nursing is so hard”, “I had a friend who was a strait A student and didn’t get in”, “Its going to take over your life”…etc….and then they throw in at the end one of two things …”Oh but its ok you can do it” or “but they always need nurses so you will always have a job”. OK well hearing all this time and time again just gets me down thinking how on earth can I do this? Lord are you really calling me to this? I pray and wish sometimes that the Lord would just give me all the knowledge I need to know in order to be a nurse so I can skip over the school part, because I have such a desire in my heart to serve those who are sick and suffering!

I heard a quote the other day by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton that said:

“Instead of measuring your difficulties with your strength you must measure them with the powerful help you have a right to expect from God”

I am so quick to do this! I always will see something, some type of task and measure it depending on how much strength I have and if I think that I can do it. I always ask the question “Can I handle this?” Instead my question should be, “Will I allow the Lord to handle this?” When I measure difficulties on my strength instead of what God can do I am limiting Him and the miracles that He wants to do.  I need to be asking this question in so many areas of my life but especially in regards to nursing school and my future. I know that if the Lord is truly calling me there and calling me to encounter Him each day through the sick people, then by His grace and power I will make it through school!

So as of now (God can always change my plans), I will be starting college this fall and I am excited to see where the Lord leads me from there! Please pray for me that I can continue to seek the Lord with my whole heart and walk where He is leading me!


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