God’s Intimacy

This past week, the Lord has invited me to enter into a deeper union of intimacy with Him.  God has been speaking to my heart about His true presence in our daily lives. God is not some figure that is hidden in the clouds. God is here. God is present with us everywhere we are and especially in the sacraments.

Our God is a God of love. He chooses to allow us to enter into very deep levels of intimacy with Him. Recently, I have been pondering the Sacrament of Holy Communion. In this Sacrament, Jesus calls us to consume Him.  Jesus chooses to continusously give of Himself. He did not stop giving us Himself when He died on the cross (you’d think this would be enough but our King chooses to give us even more). He continues to give us Himself every time we receive Him in the Eucharist in a very deep way. When you think about it, this intimacy is deeper than a husband or wife could ever give of themselves. We become one with the greatest One as He enters into our bodies in a very physical, spiritual, and emotional way.  

What does this mean in our daily lives? How can we have a God wh0 is so madly in love with us yet we find ourselves feeling far away from Him. People frequently share with me that they feel alone, unloved, or even abandoned by God. I, too, have felt this way. But this is not truth. The enemy wants us to believe that God is not a God of love and that He doesn’t love us with every ounce of His being. This is a lie.

God is here. God is standing, waiting for us to say yes. God is madly in love with YOU. How much of ourselves are we willing to give Him? Are we willing to fully and actively participate in this very intimate act with our Great King?  I find that I feel alone when I am not inviting God to be intimate with me. However, when I open my heart to His intimacy, my whole perspective changes; my life changes. God’s love is real. It is something that we can not be in control of. This love is waiting for someone to receive it. We must believe that we are worth receiving this love. My brothers and sisters, you are worth it and you deserve to receive this great love that God has for you. Go now, and be with the God who longs for our hearts.

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