I was reminded the other day of the urgency of spreading Christ’s word.  It was a quiet weekend, only one group of about 70 people.  The guys were the only ones here this weekend so we took every meal and all helped to clean up.  It was a really good time.  I felt relaxed.

Unfortunately, the end of the weekend brought a cloud over my thoughts.  There were a few guys who were at the retreat that were not really in the right frame of mind.  They were either crying out for help in their own lives but still addicted to something, or they just were doing the retreat to fulfill a requirement.  Both of these reasons are fine because God really works with anything.  If someone shows up, he is going to try to move in that person’s heart.

However, they began to build off each other throughout the weekend.  I sat with a couple of these guys in the first day and I immediately sensed something was off about one and maybe both of them.  There was something about our conversation and the way they looked that made me think they were in need.  Something was troubling their lives and they needed someone to really step in and pick them up.  They needed a 5 ton brick of Jesus to slap them in the face.

I feel awful because even though I felt this pull on my heart to really pour a bit of time into them, I never bothered.  I just joked with them, I said hi on the stairs, and I asked them what they did at school in the lunch line.  Beyond that, I never approached the topic of God.

Sunday rolled by and two were sitting in the back of a police car while one was on the side having his parents called.  One of the two in the car is still in jail. . . .  I knew what God wanted from me but I shied away.  It might have happened anyways, who knows.   I will never know for sure, but I am certainly reminded and feel the urge now to be reaching out, always.  Any little thing that can be done needs to be done.  An intimate discussion about Christ might have thwarted the awful ending to a beautiful weekend.

Peace and Love

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