Lately my heart has been literally aching/yearning for the Lord whether it be in mass, adoration, prayer, everyday activities, I just long for Him.  I realized the other day that this is a beautiful place to be.  Having a constant ache for Him has made it so that I want to do everything for Him, in Him, and with Him.  I want my actions, words, prayers, community life to be completely driven by Him. I love feeling this way because it is a reminder to me of when I am not acting as Christ like as I should be.  I will continue to thirst for Him.

I have also found and understood lately that ALL my hope must be in the Lord. When I place hope in people I can be disappointed.  For instance, “I hope that someone will notice my good deeds or I hope that John Doe changes his attitude.”  I mean yes there are deeper ways to hope in people, like hoping they will find and accept Christ but that hope should be in Christ revealing Himself to them.  We can pray for these things but maybe but all our hope needs to be in the Lord and not on the person.  I have noticed that when I place my hope in the Lord, even if it does not turn out the way I planned, things work out for His plan and according to His will.  Do not hope in mortal man, if it is God’s will then the desires of our heart will be filled maybe just not the way we think they should.

“Hope in the Lord I will praise Him still my savior and my God.” Psalm 43:5

Romans 5

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