They Get It!

I was fortunate to get to go to mass at my old church this morning.  The church is also connected to my old elementary school and this morning the first and second grade classes came to mass.  We heard in Acts today the story of St. Paul’s conversion and commissioning to preach the Good News.  Our amazing pastor, Msgr. Tally, really engaged the kids druing his homily.  He asked the kids “who is suppose to tell the Good News?”  without hesitation they all yelled “US! We are!”  Some kids even jumped up out of their seats.  He asked, “When are you suppose to share it?” “EVERYDAY”  Then he asked a hard question, “What is the Good News?”  They all started yelling out various things but basically all saying, “Jesus rose.  He is ALIVE!  We get to go to Heaven!”  7 and 8 year olds know the truth and their call.  It is that simple.  I was so amazed and so glad I was able to witness that. Msgr. Tally ended his homily saying “Be Missionary.”  Ah!  My heart literally was burning for Jesus the rest of mass and to be His missionary.   THEY GET IT!!!!

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