Tomorrow 32,999 people and I will be running the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee.  I am so excited that I woke up this morning at six just so I could prepare myself even more for tomorrow (Stretching, drinking water, etc.) (Actually I was just really excited to get going!!!)  I have never run in a race bigger than a 5k before but I am surprisingly not nervous.  Running has become such a form of prayer for me while I have been training that I know God is with me every step I take.  A good Hail Mary is all it takes to get up those nasty hills at Covecrest…but it might take a whole decade with the hills in Nashville. I’ve been told they are pretty rough. It is amazing how throughout a regular day there are so many things that can become prayers.   Struggling through your homework or paperwork at work. Maybe even a meeting that you do not want to be at, can be offered up as a prayer for someone who may be struggling even more. Prayers of Thanksgiving can occur throughout your whole day too.  Maybe you made your deadline or the test in your history class was moved back a week.  God provides opportunities for us to rejoice in the small things and I know tomorrow when I cross that finish line, He will be the first to be thanked!  Anyways, I hope that you will keep my sisters, brother-in-law, and I in your prayers tomorrow.  We start at 7 and my goal is to finish in 4 hours!  If you have any tips feel free to comment and let me know! O and if you live in Nashville feel free to come Yell my name!!!  :) God Bless…see you after 13.1

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