10 Things I Love About Living in Germany

Just for fun, I thought I’d share some of my favorite aspects of life here in Süsterseel!

1) Pommes aka really, really yummy french fries that you can get überall (everywhere, that is) and they’re even an acceptable dinner side.

2) The bakery is a two-minute walk from the house and—if that’s not enough—they also drive through the street in a fun little car with all kinds of fresh baked goodies. I can walk 10 steps from my front door and get fresh Berliners! That leads me to number 3…

3) Berliners! These are not the jelly donuts you get at home, folks. Oh no, they’re really something.

4) Everything is so close! I can walk to the grocery store, the bank, the post office. Plus: I’m about a 2 minute walk from the Netherlands, a 30 minute drive from Belgium, and only a 4 hour train-ride to Paris.

5) Germans are so green! Sort, sort, sort. Recycle, recycle, recycle. Non-reusable bags at the grocery store? I think not—bring your own or pay for the plastic. P.S. Refund on plastic bottles—love it.

6) German Coffee (aka yummy espresso with milk) after dinner, in the middle of the day, any time and all the time.

7) Cute, tiny, little cars. Plus: in Amsterdam I saw a parking garage with a spot for electric cars to recharge—energy diversity—gotta love it.

8 ) A slow-paced life. This is not a go go go society. People enjoy 1-2 hour meals, a nice leisurely walk, and family bike rides.

9) Döner Montag and Pizza Mittwoch at Ali Baba. Er, that is, Kebap Monday and Pizza Wednesday! So günstig und so lecker! Imagine Ali Baba riding a magic carpet and delivering you a pizza.  Great combo, oder?

10) Beautiful fresh flowers and trees all around! Spring has sprung! I love being in the country-side.

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