Joyful Mysteries

The Joyful Mysteries are all from Luke’s Gospel.  They are all about the events leading up to and shortly after Jesus’ birth and Mary plays a central role in all of these passages.  She is who I want to talk about for this blog.

She is amazing…I never thought I would say that.  I used to have a very hard time accepting her and her role in the Catholic Church.  I understood that we never actually worshiped her, but it seemed like we were always teetering on that line.  That is because I never understood the love that some people have for her.  A love that I am beginning to gain.

For Lent this year, I prayed a rosary everyday.  Mostly in the morning.  It was great.  I mean really great!  I am falling in love with her!! There is so much about her that I never knew.

It is weird, for so long I was so hesitant to have a relationship with her.  Weird because it was sort of like judging a person before you get to know them.  I was squeamish, uncomfortable, and awkward when I would pray the rosary or the Hail Mary before Lent.  I would say that she was no big deal and that she wasn’t THAT important.  Whew, that was wrong.

After just spending time really pouring over the rosary and the mysteries and her role I realize just how strong and important she was in Jesus’ life.  He loved her so much!  She played the most important role in his life outside of God.  She actually carried him in her womb for NINE MONTHS!!  How amazing and awesome is that?!  No one can get closer to that.

And there is the fact that if Mary hadn’t said yes, we might very possibly be telling a very different story.  God wanted to bring Jesus into this world as a baby and to do that He wanted this amazingly strong but humble woman to help Him.  That just blows my mind.  It really makes me realize the importance of women and how much God thought of them.  It is really humbling in that way too, I think that I can sometimes fall into the trap of being prideful for all the accomplishments that have been made by men.  But the one accomplishment that might have mattered the most by someone other than Jesus Himself is that of Mary.

Since Easter, I have really felt slightly off-balance because I have not done it as regular.  I think I might begin to continue it soon.

She is totally cool…

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