Luke 10:16

Alright so I know I have said this before but God is still working on me.  I feel very strongly that God has been calling me to be more intentional with my words, to really think before I talk.  Its been hard, very hard.  But I am becoming more aware of the words I say that do not necessarily build anyone up or myself.  I read in Luke today, “Whoever listens to you listens to me” (Lk 10:16). If people are going to be listening to the words that come out of my mouth than I must be preaching the Good News at all time.  I would not want to be hypocritical and only speak the Truth when in groups of people and then when I think all is quite, speak harmful words.  I am a talker.  God gave me my outgoing personality and enjoyment of conversation to use for Him! Not against Him.

“Nevertheless, do not rejoice at this, that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in Heaven” (Lk 10:20).  I should not rejoice that people hear me but instead that they hear JESUS’ words speaking through me.  No glory shall come to me except the hope of salvation in Him!  The other day we were in formation and Erik was teaching us. I  closed my eyes and imagined it was Jesus’ voice speaking to us.  Our voices are Jesus’ because He no longer has a human voice on this earth but ours.  It led me to imagine priests in confession. I know that they are in Persona Christi and I always close my eyes to hear Jesus’ voice.  Fr. Paul does not sit there speaking to me the words of Fr. Paul but the words of my Merciful Savior. Jesus speaks blessings and forgiveness to me through the priest.  What if my words were truly speaking blessing like Mary and Elizabeth when they encountered each other, like Jesus when He taught, like Paul when he was on mission, O how the world could be transformed!

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