St. Micheal the Archangel

I recently started reading a new book all about the angels. As I picked up this book for the first time I had hardly cracked the cover when I realized that I recently had a very real encounter with the angels, and I’m am thanking God he sent them to us.

Monday morning was a typical morning for us. 6:00 holy hour, work out, mass and breakfast. We packed up our 12 passenger van and as we pulled out of our neighborhood we prayed our customary St. Micheal prayer. Now until recently I barely knew this prayer unless I had the words right in front of me, but after a few months of praying it every time we get in the car, it has now become second nature to me like putting on my seat belt. We headed toward the highway on our way to camp Tepeyac for work projects, it was a beautiful day, there was a light breeze and the sky was the prettiest of blues. The temperature was almost perfect, not to hot and not to cold, just right. We settled on the highway making our way out of Mesa and we chatted and laughed amongst the community, laughing at the typical banter that has become customary in our relationships as brothers and sisters. As the laughter continued we noticed a slight vibration as we drove. As first it was no big deal, but soon it was getting so bad that it was the topic of our conversation. We discussed if we should pull over, and as we tried to make a decision the vibration got almost unbearable. Before we could blink our back left tire blew out as we traveled down a crowded highway. Jon stayed in complete control as he slowed down and turned on our hazard lights. We turn off the car and got out to survey to damage, the tire was practically gone and we had a coolant leak. So now we are stuck on the side of the road and none of us are exactly sure where we are. Cellphones were out and calling the Lifeteen office, the police and a tow truck. Soon Mark and Kevin were driving out to get us and all of our bags. Later that day, after we finaly got the van into a garage and we got back home, I finaly started to realize just how different our day could have gone if we didn’t remember to pray. St. Micheal (and i’m sure a few other angels as well) were protecting us all day! They had our backs, and I am so thankful.

It’s mind boggling to me how the angels are all around us, and we don’t even acknowledge them, even after they do so much for us. I’m sure they save me from countless things everyday and I don’t even know it, but they do it any way!

God thank you for sending your angels to guide and protect us everyday. Thank you for being a God who cares so much for us that you have heavenly hosts who’s sole purpose is to guide and protect us. Thank you for teaching me a lesson, in a way I never expected.

-Carrie B.

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