I love fasting!

Who really says that? Not me. I am a big fan of food. I’m being introduced to lots of new food in Germany and haven’t tried any yet that I don’t like. My point is that I like food. So, how can I say I love to fast from it?

Part of what we do as Lifeteen Missionaries is fast 1x week. I have to be honest. I wasn’t too excited about this when I found out that I would be doing this weekly. In the past, fasting had always given me migraine’s, stomach aches and had put me in a bad mood. But, I knew that I was being called now to do this despite my struggles. The 1st time we fasted as a community, I drank plenty of water and ate lots of bread (with peanut butter). The 2nd time, I was able to eat less bread. The 3rd time, I went thru the entire day with only 3 slices of bread (with no peanut butter) and water. This is a big miracle for me! I got no headaches, no stomach pains nor was I in a bad mood. Every time we fast we offer up an intention like for someone’s health or for an upcoming teen retreat. Because fasting has become easier for me thru God’s grace, I realize that God is really using my sacrifise for a specific intention. It has become more of a joy to fast knowing that God is calling me to intercede in this way. So, though I continue to enjoy trying new foods, I also love to fast. Do you have any specific intention I could be fasting for? :)

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