I just want some food…

For Easter, I went to Seattle  to spend time with a friend. Washington is an incredibly beautiful state with delicious fruits and vegetables; perfect for someone like me with tons of food allergies! We didn’t have a car so we walked everywhere and soaked up the fresh mountain air; it was absolutely amazing! During the few days I was there, the Lord provided us with many Divine Appointments. I will share the different experiences in separate blogs.

The first occurred when my friend and I were walking and eating some delicious vegan Almond Joy ice cream- ya, it exists! We were talking and then saw a homeless man walking towards us. There were many people that passed and didn’t pay attention to him. When we got closer, he said, “Excuse me, can you please help me? I just want some food.” There we were, with our dairy free ice cream cones, looking straight into the eyes of a starving man. There was something very wrong with the picture. Why could I enjoy this excessive food when my brother had nothing. I wanted to just give him my ice cream, but thought that it would be a bit gross since I had already eaten some of it. It seemed as if time had stopped as I was hit with this painful reality.  My mind and heart  had so much going through it at that moment that I felt like I could bareley respond. The only thing I knew I could do would be to pray with him and then let the Lord instruct me on what to give him. 

Greg was so excited to pray with us. He had so much faith. His heart was overflowing with joy. His stomache was the only thing that was empty. Thus, we began to pray on the streets of Seattle, with our joyful brother. During that time, I felt like God was convicting my heart to give him money. I asked the Lord to help me to know how much He wanted me to give as I don’t have very much. However, the Lord put the words of Mother Teresa in my heart: “give out of your own poverty.” This made me feel so much more united to God and to Greg’s suffering.Greg is my brother. He is the Imago Dei, and he deserves to eat.

So much happened that night. It was not just about feeding a homeless man. It was about feeding Jesus. To this day, I wonder how God is calling me as His daughter, to respond to the homeless. There are so many people on the streets. So many just desire to be noticed. I know that I don’t have the finances to feed every person. But, do I know that I am called to give out of my own poverty. More importantly, God is calling me to make sure that I give dignity to each person I come in contact with, especially those who feel outcasted from our society. I recently had a conversation with another homeless man that I met in California. He was telling me how he is treated like a leper. He is homeless because of the poor economy. He doesn’t do drugs or drink. He just happened to be one of many victims who lost his job. We need  to help these people. I know that I don’t have all of the answers. But, I also know that we are called to get uncomfortable and we are called to love.

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