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Divine appointment  3 in Seattle:

On my last night in Seattle, my friend began feeling poorly and I offered to go to the store to pick up some necessary items for her. I figured that I had been there for a few days and thought I had a good grounding on the roads there. It was evening and time for me to pray the Liturgy of the Hours. I was a bit unsettled about leaving, but the Lord was putting it in my heart that the journey I was about to have was going to be my evening prayer. I have learned that it is better to just listen to God and obey His call.

So, I set off to the store. I asked the Lord to help me find my way there, and that is what He did.

As some of you may know, I like to walk fast. There was another woman on the sidewalk ahead of me who was walking a bit too slow for my taste. As I was walking to pass her, the Lord told me to tell her “good evening.” So, I looked at her and said, “Good evening.” Who would have thought that this would have started an amazing conversation about God’s love and goodness in the Catholic Church?! As we were walking, I quickly became aware of the reality that I didn’t know where I was going and the sun was beginning to set. I asked her if she knew where the store was and she let me know that she had moved to that area four days prior and had a general idea of where the store was located. I was like, umm, God, please help me! I’m with a total stranger who knows just as much as I do about the area!!! 

God continued to put peace in my heart, even though I had no idea where I was. He also wanted me to continue walking with this woman and spend quality time with her. He let me see the poverty of loneliness in her. She had a home, unlike Greg and Ed. However, I saw a deeper poverty that was longing for love. Thus, in obedience to God, that’s what I did. Jenna, like my homeless brothers, helped me in amazing ways.

 As we were walking and conversing, she realized that I was completely lost. By this time, it was dusk and raining. She decided to stay with me and help me find the store. She started talking to random people asking for help with directions. Soon enough, we found our destination. We were soaked but filled with joy. I was so relieved and thankful that I asked if I could pray with her. She joyfully responded with a ‘yes’. Thus, we stood in the rain, prayed, and praised the Lord in the grocery parking lot. The Holy Spirit was so present during that time!

As we finished praying, we said good-bye and I walked into the store. I stood in the produce section as I was dryed off my glasses. Then, I heard someone call my name. I turned around and saw Jenna. She offered to wait for me to finish shopping and then walk me home to make sure that I wouldn’t get lost again. By that time, I knew another way back to my friend’ s apartment and was honestly confident in that route. However, this instance showed me even more that when we unite ourselves to the will of God, He will always provide for us with an overflowing abundance. 

During my trip to Seattle, the Lord called me to get uncomfortable financially. He called me to give and love out of my own poverty. He even called me to walk in the city by myself at night to help my sick friend. God humbled me so much. I continue to hear the mantras of Greg and Ed: “I just want some food; I just need a place to stay the night.” The Lord also showed me so much of my own poverty, especially when I got lost. He humbled me by forcing me to accept help from another person. I hate asking for help. I like to be independent and I highly dislike bothering people. However, in getting lost, I suddenly became very small and I had to trust in God to get me where I needed to go.  It was in this trust that the Lord provided for me with Jenna’s love and care for my safety and well-being. In Jesus Christ, God’s providence is enough. In Jesus Christ, all fear and uncertainty can be washed away. In Jesus Christ, all is made new.  In Jesus Christ, God’s providence is enough.  

Much love to all of you!

Pam :)

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