Being washed clean

This afternoon I was washing a whole bunch of silverware in our kitchen in the lodge, something that we do pretty often. In order to wash the silverware, we dump it all onto this tray thing with holes in it, then try to spray off the gunk before we sanitize it. I always get worried that I’m going to miss a particularly gross spoon or knife at the bottom of the tray, or that I’ll wash one side and not the other. Today when I was washing the silverware, I started thinking about how much the whole process is so similar to God washing our souls. He even reaches down into the very bottom of the tray, underneath all the other silverware, to find that one spoon that still has peanut butter all over it, and then he sprays it. The problem with the spoons though is that if you spray them too hard, the water kind of sprays back in your face, or usually all over my shirt. I started thinking about how my soul sometimes is like a spoon, because instead of just getting clean, I make it so difficult for the Lord. When He sprays me off with clean water, I just spray Him back in the face. But of course Jesus takes that, along with all of the other insults that we give Him. And you know, He could just spray my soul gently, but the problem then would be that all the sticky peanut butter wouldn’t get off. And so in His infinite love, He washes me completely clean, completely and utterly clean, even if its not always a pleasant experience for Him.

The most bizarre thing though is that He knows that my little spoon self will probably go back into the peanut butter jar later, and He’ll have to start the whole process over again, starting with finding me at the very bottom of the silverware tray, where I try to hide from the abundance of His love.

Ahhhh, Jesus, He is so merciful to me.

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I am a convert to the Catholic faith, was baptized, received first communion and confirmation at the age of sixteen. I graduated from FSU in 2009, and have been a missionary ever since. I love Jesus, mission, coffee, and chocolate. I like to run slowly, dance with no rhythm, and laugh at silly things.