Girls retreat!

This past weekend, the female missionaries here at Covecrest planned and put together a girls retreat for a parish in Atlanta. This retreat was possibly the most incredible retreat that I’ve ever gotten to be a part of. All of the girls who came were so open to the Lord and to His love, so open that I almost couldn’t believe how much God was working. It was such a gift to get to witness God pouring His love into each of these girls through adoration and through confession especially.

It was so funny because even though we (the missionaries and Courtney, their youth minister), planned this retreat, I really felt as if it fell into our laps from the beginning. I remember the day when we sat down to plan out the schedule and I remember that we were all so tired from a long weekend. I was convinced that we weren’t going to get much done and that it was going to be a painful experience. But we just started talking about Mary, and all of a sudden we had a retreat planned based on her fiat! Crazy!

This weekend, I was just so humbled by all of these high school girls who were willing to just jump in and experience God and His love. There was also a mother and a daughter on this retreat. It was so beautiful just to see them grow in their faith together. Not to mention the five sets of sisters, two of which were twins!

God really blessed us so much, and I’m convinced that it was not because of anything spectacular that we did in order to put this together. He was just moving, because of His love for these girls, because of their incredible openness to Him, because of their willingness to let their lives be changed by His love. It was so cool because so many of them were probably the age that Mary was when she said yes to God and conceived Jesus in her womb. And we just got to see a whole bunch of little Marys saying yes to the Lord and His love this weekend. Please pray for these girls as they go back to school and enter back into a battlefield. Let’s surround them with ours and Mary’s prayers!

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