Phase 10 and other fun.

Phase 10, the game of all games.  Welll. . . maybe not.  It is actually super long and by the end I really just want to claw my eyes out . . . unless I am winning. . . of course.  We definitely do a lot of work here.  BUT, that does not mean that we do not have some fun on the side.  We have plenty of time to relax and enjoy some of God’s gifts to us.

This is what this blog is about.  I feel that I am way to serious on this site and you never get to hear about all the random crazy awesome FUN that we have here at camp.  So here is a little look into our lives.  Ten things we do in our spare time (not in any order).  This isn’t supposed to be intense it is just to allow you guys in on my life.

1.  Catch Phrase: good group game, especially if you want the guys to dominate (because we just did . . . twice).  It is very transportable and is hilarious!  It is especially useful when you are waiting to serve food in the kitchen line.

2.  Ultimate Frisbee: The game for Youth Ministers.  I think Frisbees should start having pictures of youth ministers on them because let’s be honest, we SELL that game!  If you are ever feeling a little awkward, just pull out the fris and start throwing.  At least one group every weekend is playing a huge game so we get to see a lot of it.  It is also a normal thing to pick it up for 5 seconds as we head to the chapel.

3.  Knockout: for some reason this is my favorite game in the world.  Maybe it is because I sometimes actually win which is rare in an athletic sport.  We are out on the basketball courts a lot on Fridays.  Sometimes it is very entertaining to watch some of my brothers and sisters play (especially someone with a name spelled p-a-o-l-a, but sshhhh, don’t tell her I am making fun of her! Love ya SIS!)

4.  Euchre: The game of the Midwest.  Surprisingly not introduced by me but was introduced a year earlier by some past missionaries.  It is sometimes a weary game especially if you have been playing for 5 hours and were supposed to go to bed three hours ago.  But hey, whatev. I’ll take one for the team.  Usually this is the game that we pick up when there are staff retreats or youth minister retreats going on.

5.  P & W: Praise & Worship.  Sometimes the community or just the men go down to the Chapel and sing our hearts out.  Whatever comes to mind we just sing.  It is so beautiful and awesome to feel that freedom.  Sometimes we feel that all eyes are watching us so our actions might seem a little fake, but in these moments, nobody is looking.  We know that everything that comes out is straight from our hearts and nothing else.

6.  Golf or Frisbee?:  Mark and I have begun to compete on the Frisbee Golf course. . . Except he chooses his own weapon, the golf club.  He plays golf while I play Frisbee and we see who can win at the end of 18 holes.  We both figured that we might be better off playing what we both prefer, otherwise, my golf clubs usually end in up a tree, and his Frisbees end in the lake.

7.  Root Beer Floats and Peanut Butter M&M’s:  I know this isn;t an activity but I think it deserve it’s own spot.  We are addicted to this stuff.  I think I have had more root beer floats in the past year than I have had in my whole life.  And PEANUT BUTTER M&M’s!!!!! WHOAAAA! God is amazing for creating these things.  We make this an event by how much we eat!

8.    Rummikube: Oh boy, what do I say about this.  We have spent hours staring at these different colored tiles.  My missionary siblings Nick, Tim, and Sara are the most formidable foes in this intense game of thought.  But I can claim one victory when I went out in one round. . . it was amazing, I think I might have cried.

9.  Pope JPII, Jesus, Mr. Snow, and Franny: the missionaries have a little fued going.  We are always stealing statues from each other.  Right now there are four going around.  We have (i think) Jesus and Mr. Snow.  They have Franny and JPII.  The girls are obviously under the impression that they are winning(this is exactly what we want them to think) but we have a mighty surprise up our sleeves (that’s right Paola, that was a threat).  It is a fun playful competition that we have every year and it gives us a chance to be little kids again.

10.  Evangelize: this might sound weird, but we really actually do some of this.  On our days off (Mondays usually) you might find a few of us going into town just to talk and hangout with the locals and be Christ to them.  It is obvious that the folk in this area are in desperate need for Christ.  We try to be Christ-like all the time and to everyone we meet, but there are some days that we feel a bigger push to reach out and allow Christ to touch someone.  My favorite place to go is to the Clayton pharmacy.  The ladies in charge of the Diner, are amazing women and great to talk to!  I feel the freedom to just go anytime and just talk and hangout without buying anything

So there you have it.  Here are just a few of the many things we get to do in our down time.  I love you and miss you all.  Peace and Good Will

Paul Devine

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