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So, long time, no blog. Sorry about that. This month has been absolutely crazy. March 3-16th Melanie, Danielle and I were in the States for LT staff retreat and then were blessed with the opportunity to visit our families for a week. It was, to say the least, blessed, hard, refreshing, and tiring. What a blessing it is to see those that you love and haven’t seen for some time, but how difficult it is to have to leave them again! This was the longest stretch that I had ever been away from home (6 months!) and I feel like I’m having to learn about all of those wonderful things that are “a part of growing up.” Every season of life has its challenges and its joys though and I’m learning to appreciate them all. Being away from home lends news opportunities, new struggles, and all kinds of growth. I thank God for that. 

One phrase that has been resounding in my heart the last month or so is Pope John Paul II’s quote, “Become who you are.” It’s quoted on the first LT mission shirt and that’s the first place I read it. Sometimes, I’ll read something like that and think, “but, I am who I am.” Isn’t that only logical? But, there is a deeper meaning, the “who I am” that runs deeper than my name, where I grew up, or how old I am. I am a daughter of the Most High. I am precious. I am beloved. Some of these things I’ve been told or read before, but part of becoming who I am entails knowing these things in my heart. Now when I hear them, instead of simply being something that goes in one ear and out of the other, they echo and confirm something stamped on my heart.

I remember being told before that I would learn more about myself by learning more about Christ. As with many things in my life, this didn’t make sense to me until I started living it. Why would knowing Jesus more tell me anything about me? I still can’t tell you why its true—all I know is that it is. Each day in seeking the Lord and to learn his ways, his heart—who he is—he’s teaching me who I am. He’s whispering truths into my heart and leaving lasting impressions on my soul. He keeps telling me, “you are precious.” What more could I ask for?

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