Time to fish!

I was so blessed the other day to have a conversation with a good friend and brother who is visiting this week with some teens from Nashville.  He said something that really stuck with me, and it really got me thinking.  He said, speaking of the teens, “We want to teach them to fish.”  My mind immediately ran to Scripture:

“Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men.”

~Luke 5: 10

My first thought was that the Lord is calling me everyday to be a fisher of men, and that is so true!  Then I started thinking about all of those people that I minister to, the people that I interact with, the people I fish for.  It’s my responsibility to teach them to fish too.  It doesn’t stop with leading someone closer to Christ.  That person in turn needs to know how to fish, to lead others closer to Christ.  Fishing is such a cool way to think about leading others closer to the Lord, but fishing can be difficult.  When I think about actual fishing, I realize that it takes some time to catch a fish.  It takes patience, determination, and strength.  Do I have those qualities when I am trying to lead someone else closer to the Lord?

So how do I go about catching men and leading them closer to the Lord?  How can I get better at it?

Something I learned last night during a talk is that my whole life needs to revolve around worshiping our God.  I need to ask myself multiple times a day: Is what I’m doing or saying glorifying the Lord and worshiping Him?  I honestly used to think that worship meant praising the Lord in music.  But it’s so much more than that!  Worship is a lifestyle.  I choose to worship God in all of my actions and words, glorifying Him through the gifts He has given me.

Leading others closer to Christ, catching men, is most effective through my own personal witness.  How am I living my life?  When people see me or listen to me, I pray that they see Christ and are hearing Him!  I’ve learned from the Lord that I’m never off, there is never a break from living for Christ.  Sure there are times when I’m tired and when I’m not in the best mood, but I have to choose joy and love.  My words and actions and utilization of the gifts God has given me always can affect someone around me.

I pray this Lent that I can be filled up with the love of God.  I pray that I can become humble like Christ.  I pray that I can continue to worship the Lord in all things.  I pray that through my life and witness, many others can see Christ and be led to Him!

God bless all of you!

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