from desert to oasis

Hello again world! We just got back from our eight day silent retreat. Although I still have a lot to process and my heart is still trying to grasp and understand everything from this week I would like to share with you some of my experience.

At the end of my first holy hour during my conversation with Jesus I found our relationship was looking different than I expected. Our “conversations” ended up involving almost no talking and all silent unspoken words. We held hands, we hugged, we walked together in silence and we just enjoyed each other’s presence for eight days.

On my third day Jesus invited me to take a walk with him through a desert. At the time it was just another walk it just happened to be in a desert. I had no idea what plans Jesus had in store for my heart and this place. A few holy hours later Jesus invited me back to what I now call “Our desert” for a walk. We walked on a straight path and as we continued flowers bloomed alongside us paving our path, so even though we were in a brown sandy desert Jesus brought forth life to this wasteland. Up ahead I could hear a noise as we got closer it sounded much like a babbling brook. “No way” I thought to myself “We are in the middle of a desert, no water could possibly be here.” Oh how I was wrong, I should have never doubted because up ahead there was a stream, running alongside our path, more life in this wasteland.

I started to get excited for the next time Jesus would invite me back to our desert, even though it was becoming much more than just a desert. The next day it happened. Jesus asked me to go back. As we walked the stream took on a life of its own and crossed our path. I wasn’t sure how we were going to get across without getting wet. Yet Jesus was two steps ahead of me, and a small wooden bridge appeared before my eyes. We sat on the hand rails and swung our feet below us, it started to get hot, and I kept forgetting this was a desert. But the Lord provided yet again! Soon a tree was situated right next to our bridge it’s branches shading me and Jesus.

Soon I was invited back I noticed only one change, although life was springing up everywhere the ground was still brown and sandy. When I arrived back this time grass had begun to grow at the banks of the stream.

On the seventh day of retreat Jesus invited be back and told me he had a surprise waiting for me in our desert. When we arrived I thought I knew what is was. Our desert wasn’t a desert anymore. The grass had grown in and wildflowers grew everywhere. It was so breathtakingly beautiful I’m not even sure how else to describe it. I removed my shoes so I could feel the grass between my toes and we began to walk hand in hand.

Soon we got to the end of path; Jesus turned to me and pointed to my surprise. In front of me was a giant tree. This tree I had seen before. I had seen it in two of my other meditations and Jesus and I had climbed it during one of those times. It was the perfect climbing tree and Jesus had brought it to our desert especially for me. What a gift.

I’m hoping Jesus will take me back to our desert again, but until he does I have the vision of one perfect gift, one perfect tree to keep me satisfied until I go back.

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