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Okay so as you know we have been teaching each other in our formation classes. Yesterday Paul taught about evangelization (the Church’s mission) but instead of teaching he sent us out! We were to go to Clayton to encounter and pray with people. Paola and I were partners and the whole way down the mountain we were just asking God for boldness and for divine appointments. We went first to the Family Dollar where we met Sarah. She is probably 90 years old and was buying fake flowers to make arrangements at her house. She was so sweet and let us pray with her right there in the store. She told us that she wanted to go on mission to Haiti! A 90 year old woman wants to bring love and prayer to these people and so should we! We also went to CVS and Home Depot where we met some skeptics who quickly backed away when they heard “missionary” and “prayer” but were perfectly fine asking us if we knew where hoses for water heaters were located. Um no… so Paola and I just said a quick prayer for them.

So we still had thirty minutes and we were wondering where to go to pray with people. I immediately thought of the RaceTrac gas station because if you walk up to people while they are pumping gas they can’t run away! (I know we cornered them but we really wanted to love on people!) So we walk up to the first guy, Toni Flores, (yep same last name as Paola) and began by introducing ourselves and asking if he needed prayers for anything. He said no but we later learned that he has a son who is a missionary in LaGrange, Georgia, he has an adopted grandson from Guatemala (same as Paola) and he works with the Census Bureau (he offered us jobs on the spot for both being bi-lingual). I think Toni needed a lot of prayer even if he didn’t think so. Prayer does not just have to be in times of dire need. God is ALWAYS listening and as the gospel this morning said, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open to you.”

After we said goodbye to Toni, who really needed to get back to Atlanta, we sat back in the car and were trying to decide if we should go or wait for one more person. We decided to wait and God called us to Tracy. Tracy got out of her car and her sweet father went inside to pay for the gas. We walked up to Tracy and introduced ourselves and asked if we could pray for her for anything. She immediately got so excited. She couldn’t believe that two young girls were actually at a gas station just wanting to pray and love on people. She immediately started telling us about her mom who just had knee surgery so she had to pick up her dad to go shopping for their food. Her dad suffers from alzheimer and is slowly fading. She asked us to pray for continued strength for her to love her parents in their time of most need. SO SELFLESS! So we prayed right there in the parking lot. She was so thankful and then she said, “You know I ALWAYS go to Ingles to get gas but for some reason my father insisted we come to RaceTrac. God was leading me to you girls. Thank you for your prayers and your love.” WOW GOD!!!! She NEVER goes to RaceTrac and we just happened to be there the day she does…God of the details or WHAT!? Divine appointment or what?!The other missionaries had some amazing encounters too. Hayley and Sara prayed with a woman in a liquor store and another one in a lingerie shop who both cried and were so thankful.

We are called to Love people with Christ’s Love. How often do we have the opportunity to encounter people each day and to pray with them and to love them? Everytime we walk into Wal-mart, a restraunt, a school…smile at someone. See how their day is going. You never know what a simple selfless gesture will do for someones day. Ask God for divine appointments in your day. You can be missionary everyday which is what our Church is called to be. 

Thank you God for making us bold, for giving us strength that is beyond our abilites.

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