Picture Collage of Valentine’s Day!

Ok… so I wanted to put some pictures up from the Valentine’s Day Surprise dinner that our brothers planned for us! It was such a blessed night, a night of fellowship, laughter, love, and above all else, a night to give praise to God for our community here. From the moment we walked in the door, we were given roses by our brother, Paul. We then had an incredible dinner with chicken and pasta that Mark spearheaded followed by a girl scout cookie chocolate creme cake. (the food was incredible!!! )JJ was busy refilling our drinks and making sure the ladies had everything we needed while Tim put a playlist together of Michael Buble music for us to listen to. It was a blessed night, and I want to share these memories with you :)

The roses we got when we arrived! :)

My beautiful sisters all dressed up!

My sister KAITLIN! look how beautiful her hair is!!! :)

All of us together.. Love

The pasta with chicken and the appetizer beforehand!

Mark and me being our typical selves… goofy

JJ dancing with Paola.. They looked like they were having so much fun!

Me and JJ dancing. He cracks me up!!!          Beautiful Kaitlin with the roses

My sisters!!!!!!!!

Yes… the first song Tim put on the playlist was “Single Ladies'”. Haha o Tim… but really we’re in a relationship with Christ this year which is PERFECT! Praise God.

Here are the pictures and MY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!!

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