God Desires our Worship:

What is worship?  It is choosing something continually over other things.  It is offering up your whole body and self to something.  I dunno what it is in your specific case but it has to be something.   You cannot live without giving yourself to something.  You can offer it up to material things: money, sex, food.  You can offer it up to material ideas: advancement in technology, rituals and traditions, human rights, work, praise of others.  You can get even really abstract and begin to worship very abstract thoughts: laziness, comfort, pride, competition, gods, nature.  As you grow older your ideas begin to funnel into particular areas.  EVEN those who claim they are open-minded are having their thoughts and desires and worship funnel into a specific area.  It is possible to worship open-mindedness.  It is called relativism.  SO, you worship something.  You can not NOT worship something (sorry for the double negative).  By being alive you are worshiping.  And worship is offering your whole body and self to that thing.  Worship is a choice then.  NOT to choose to worship but to choose WHAT to worship.  If it is what we naturally do then it is out of our control.  THUS, God doesn’t want us just to worship, he is actually desiring us to move all our worship to him.

God wants us.  He WANTS US!  He doesn’t need you, but he WANTS you!  He WANTS what you truly are.  A lot of people think that confirmation is when we finally get to choose our faith.  When we finally get to take control of our spiritual life.  When we finally say to God, YES, I CHOOSE YOU!  This sounds great.  It sounds right doesn’t it?  But really it is false.  WE do NOT get to choose God.  We do not get decide who he is! We do not get to decide that God is something different than what he actually is.  He is there whether we believe in him or not.  He is there and he has been there.  HE IS CHOOSING YOU.  Right now.  Not just at confirmation.  BUT EVERYDAY he is choosing you.  He choosing you and is desiring YOU.  YOU personally.  How cool is that?

So what does he want from us?  What is our worship?  What are we?  We are vessels of Love.  Our bodies are really just shells that are holding a soul that is made up of Love.  He wants that true identity.  Sometimes we treat our souls a little poorly and begin to transform our outer bodies and minds so that they no longer resemble the truth that is deep inside of us.  BUT, He wants that inner soul of ours.  God has been wanting your worship since you were born.  He wants what every father wants: the love of their children.  He seeks you because he MADE you!!! This does not make him selfish.  This makes sense!  Why wouldn’t he want our whole self?  If you created something that could love, wouldn’t you want it to completely love you as well as everything else that you made.  Why would you want it to be angry, bitter, hateful, jealous, enslaved?  He wants your worship because you are beautiful.  You are beautiful.  You are pure love.  Your soul is so beautiful to him.  The love could possibly be way deep down, but he still wants it.  And whats even more is that he will take our entire self just to get to that part.

When God is creating the world in Genesis he says that everything is GOOD.  verse 4, 10, 12, 18, 21, 25.   Only when he creates Man after this does he say everything is VERY GOOD.  That is a pretty big deal when the first 6 times he says it it only says GOOD, it stands out.  AND the first thing that God does to man is to Bless him and then give him ownership of the other living things!  Verse 28.  GOD LOVES YOU.  He thinks you are great.  Psalm 8.  It is amazing.  We just read it this morning.  It completely sums up how much God thinks of us.

He thinks you are so amazing and we should look at him and think the exact same thing!  He is amazing.  As creator of the universe there are some amazing things that he has done.  Think of all the crazy things in the world!  The Peacock!  Who would have done that!  Every person has a completely different iris, different colors in their eye.  How beautiful are the colors in the Fall.  The red, yellow, orange, brown.  Specks of green still in there.  Sometimes you might find a deep red that is almost purple.  Notice that everybody’s sneeze is completely different.  You have loud obnoxious ones, those really meek small ones, the high pitch, low pitch, etc.  How awesome one certain days when you are in the mountains and you are looking at a lake you can actually see a complete and undisturbed reflection of the mountains upside down.  I love the different types of music.  Only someone so vast as God could have created so many melodies, sounds, and instruments.
He is amazing.  He is great.  He is so HUGE.  I love this about him.  There are a countless number of words that could be used to describe him.  He created the elephant which can walk on ice and not break it because of the balance of pressure.  Flamingos can only eat with their heads upside down.  Ever tried that?  How crazy is he to have created all this stuff.  But how often do we not think about it?

When we focus on the world and everything in it, we begin to miss and even forget the amazing things that are happening in this world.  We begin to miss the miracles that are daily occurrences.  Life is an INCREDIBLE miracle and people are being born every second.  Just because it happens often does not mean that it is not a miracle.  The changes in the seasons are beautiful and impossible without some explanation of why.  And the only why that is there is because something else is happening that we don’t see.

The world is in continual battle with God.  Not the world that HE created, but the world that we have created around us.  The world that has tried to become self-sustaining.  It is a world that is incredibly strong.  It is a world that is hard to resist.  Who wouldn’t want money? Food? Who wouldn’t want the praise of others? The satisfaction of having power?  I know I do.  I find it so hard to give up control of my own life on a daily basis.  It is so much easier to conform to humans rather than God.  Humans are easy to handle.

The world WANTS US TOO!!! You know how excited I was to say that God wants you earlier?  Well that same excitement could be used for the world as well (although, I am not excited about it).  The world is hungry.  Our sin, which has blanketed the world, is hungry.  It is hungry for more.  I dunno what exactly.  Probably more of everything.  It just wants MORE.  Its like the cookie monster.  Nothing satisfies it.  Sorry, this is starting to sound morbid.

The problem is just that, it is morbid.    The reason is because when you begin to feed the world, you turn into it.  You become what you are feeding.  You become a slave.  Here is an analogy.  The world, the part that we have created, is confined by laws, rules, logical thought, material goods, material ideas.  Thus, it is finite.  Because everything that we create either dies or breaks.  Or gets proven wrong, changes, or becomes obsolete and unusable.  Following this train of thought, we are becoming enslaved to something that lives in a box.  We are pouring ourselves into something that will end, break, or die.  And if we focus on the things of this world, we will pour ourselves into the box of sin. Thus, WE will end up dying inside a box (the coffin).  With nothing that lasts.  Maybe a sort of symbol.

BUT, if you let go of your control and begin to feed your love and worship into God and the world HE created, you will be feeding a fire that has no boundaries, it has no regulations, it is infinite, and it is sometimes unexplainable and mysterious.  If you do this, then you will end up feeding a fire that has no box.  And finally, you will live and die free from constraints and shackles.  You will be pouring yourself into an area of life that can go on forever.  Think about what you are worshipping.  Think of how much God wants you!! Think about what parts of life are you going to pour yourself into.

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