Sometimes we missionaries struggle to find things to talk about.  Why?  Why do we sit here in front of the computer and sometimes wonder what we can say to everybody?  Everybody has done it at least once.  At least once we have all said to ourselves that we need to write a blog . . . then we sit down and just stare at the computer.  Why is that?  Isn’t God doing incredible things everyday?  Isn’t he moving all the time? How come I don’t care to open up my eyes?

I haven’t really thought to write a blog lately because, in my opinion, there wasn’t anything worth talking about.  WHAT!!!! There isn’t anything worth telling!?!?! Even if we don’t admit it to ourselves, this feeling is sometimes, subtly, in our hearts.  I feel sometimes that I have to wait for something HUGE and life changing to write a blog.

I finally sat down and started writing, I began to review my week and think about the ways in which God was moving.  WHOA!  He did some crazy things this past week!  I mean some really AWESOME STUFF!!!  I am getting excited just realizing that!

Today he just spoke to me through a  young man I knew last year.  This guy I hadn’t talked to in 6 months and honestly never expected to hear from him again.  He called to learn a little bit more about the Mass . . . what?!?!? Didn’t see that coming!

Yesterday he began to form our men’s retreat for the end of February.  It was EASY! (retreat planning is NEVER easy).

Monday he gave me one of the best holy hours I have had in the past two weeks.  I have began to do a rosary at the beginning of every holy hour and the fruits are AMAZING!  I was then able to spend an entire day with JUST him.  Such a blessing.  Just to sit and be with him for an extended period of time without distraction.

Sunday I RECEIVED THE EUCHARIST!!!!  can’t really top that!

Saturday we had some amazing community time! We took the morning off and spent it sledding, snowball fights, and wrestling.  We spent the afternoon doing some good hard work which was a very blessed time!  I don’t think our community has ever felt so close!

These might seem really small and not really exciting.  BUT, believe me, they are!  I know that I didn;t really spend time on one and go really in depth but each and every one of them have been absolutely AWESOME.  AWESOME to the point where capital letters are not good enough.  So I will try caps and bold:  they were AWESOME!  NO JOKE!

Praise the Lord for being so good.  I love him.

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