God, I’m Sending Back My Charm!

When the missionaries traveled to Mexico we went on a pilgrimage to Saltillo.  In Saltillo there is a chapel that the local people call “The Miracle Chapel”.  When you go to the miracle chapel you pray for a specific miracle.  Then you buy this little charm and when God grants you the request of your prayer, you send the charm back.  Now these charms are not bigger then your finger nail.  In the chapel it creates this GIANT Alpha and Omega sign on the altar made out of millions of these charms representing millions of miracles that God performed!

I had no idea that we were going to be visiting this chapel but I certainly had a prayer when I arrived. 

 A year and a half ago my sister, Rebecca, was married to Zach.  Zach immediately became part of our family when he survived a 15 hour road trip to New York squished in the back seat of my dads car on Christmas Day to go meet our extended family who lets just say are a little different! But he survived and still wanted to be part of our crazy family and now I can’t imagine life without him.  He is truly a blessing to my sister, an amazing brother-in-law, and an amazing father to my 3 month old niece, Zoe Jane.  I give you this background because Zach was my miracle that I prayed for in Mexico.  I prayed for Zach to truly recognize the glory God reveals daily in His life.  I knew that Zach believed in God but I also knew that God could strengthen this belief.  My sisters faith had grown so rapidly over the last year that I wanted so badly for her to be able to share it with her husband.  So my prayer was for conversion in Zach’s heart.

God continued to place Zach on my heart to pray for even when I came home to Covecrest.   So I was obedient and conitnued to pray.  January 24th rolls around (I remember because we were celebrating my baptismal day here at Covecrest), I was on the phone catching up with a friend and Zach beeps in.  I did not answer because I figured he just called to tell me a joke or something silly.  Even when I got off the phone with my friend I thought it would be too late to call Zach back but decided to anyways.  He answers the phone and gets very serious, “Kaitlin, I need to talk to you about something.”  Me, (worried) “Okay, what’s going on?”  (    long  pause     )  “I have been thinking a lot and have decided that I want to become Catholic”   WHATTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All I could say was that I was so excited.  I had no words. I cried. I smiled. I screamed.  I literally woke up every girl in my house so I could tell them that my brother-in-law is becoming Catholic.  The girls all knew that I had been praying for him constantly and God answered my prayers so quickly.  My whole family prayed for Zach everyday but for him to feel Gods love not necessarily that he would become Catholic but WOW  God is sooooo good!!!!  I began to ask Zach if this was something he REALLY wanted to do.  That he did not feel pressured into this at all.  He told me that he had felt this constant pull on his heart towards RCIA and could not stop thinking about it.  GOD WAS PULLING ZACH to HIM!  Zach said everytime he looks at Zoe, my niece, he wants so badly for her to grow up with faith and a life with God but he couldn’t possibly raise her that way if he did not know how.  Oh my goodness God is so good.  His plans are so beautiful.  He was definitely writing straight with crooked lines!  So keep praying!  God is listening for sure and His Will will be done!

So God, I am sending back my charm because you have answered my prayer.  You are holding Zach’s heart in your hands which is the perfect place for it to be.  Lord, Your love reaches into us all and transforms lives.  Thank you for Your miracles everyday in our lives.  I love you!

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