Holy hour thought

I was siting in the Adoration chapel on Monday night and it brought back a
memory from a couple of weeks ago.  It was a Saturday and I was in the chapel for holy hour.  A man of Indian descent walked into the chapel and looked very troubled.  He came in so fast – unlike most people.  Once he was in the chapel, he kneeled down right in front of Jesus on a kneeler.

After about five minutes, I started to hear this man begin to weep.  As his cries grew louder and louder it was almost distracting to others in the chapel.I began to pray for him; my heart couldn’t stop from doing so. I had never seen this man before at ST. Tim’s. I started to wonder what this man could of been going through. It was almost like the picture that Rembrandt panted of the the Prodigal Son being embraced by the father right in front of my eyes.  He could of right then & there been coming back to  Jesus & the Church or been mourning the loss of a love one.

It was the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time and for whatever the reason he was there, I’m positive that the Father was there embracing him.

God is moving..In our lives, In our hearts and In our world. We just have to have the posture of heart to recive  his love.

I will post another blog up soon!Hopefully, thank you so much prayer partners!

If  you have any prayer intentions please let me know!

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