Mexico (Better Late Than Never)

I can’t even begin to describe all of the ways our mission to Mexico has affected me.  I won’t tell you what we did.  You can find that in the many blogs written promptly upon our return from the other missionaries.  But let me try to convey just the smallest part of how the Lord has moved in my heart.

I think I want to be poor.  Actually I’m pretty convinced of it.  The poverty of the people of General Cepeda was beautiful.  Don’t get me wrong, we cannot, as followers of Christ, but provide for their physical needs.  One room houses smaller than your living room, dirt floors, holes for toilets, houses made of mud bricks, none of this should be in a world in which so many of us have so much more than enough to survive and share.

When faced with the reality of this poverty, our initial thoughts are of pity and concern.  Yet what these people did have is everything I desire.  These people had a love for the Lord without pretense.  No matter what each day would bring, be it illness, hunger, or sorrow, these people praised their God.

They knew their God as a Father who loved them.

A Father who, in that love, desires to provide for them.

A God who does not abandon, even when He is not easily seen or heard.

These people loved their Lord with reckless abandon.  They trusted in a way that I never have, in a way that I so badly want to.  These people were a pilgrim people.  The lives they led witnessed that we are not at home on this Earth, but rather in another place where none of the material things matter, but only the relationship between a Father and His children.

I pray my life can be such a witness.  I pray I may live a life of reckless abandon for my Father and His people, trusting in His provision.  And I think I’ve been kidding myself to believe that sort of life takes only a spiritual change.

I’ve been reading a book by Catholic author Thomas Dubay called “Happy Are You Poor” for a little while now.  In it he talks about this idea of Gospel Poverty, outlining its presence in Scripture, Church teachings, and the examples of the saints.  I won’t even try to argue his points.  I know there is so much of this that I don’t comprehend, yet there is a Truth therein and I know I want it.  If you’re at all interested in this topic, I’d recommend the book.

As I continue to ask the Lord where His will is in all of this, I’d really love you’re prays.  The witness of the people of General and the missionaries with Family Missions Company ( have shown me a gospel life I’ve never known before.  In their lifestyle, community, and mission, I saw the Lord present and at work.  Pray for me as I discern an application for full-time missions with FMC in my future.  I’m not sure if this is the Lord’s plan for me yet, but I know I want to be wherever He is.

As always, if there’s any way that I can be praying for you or even if you just want to say, “Hey,” shoot me an email at [email protected].


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