daddy’s little girl

The last few months, God has been letting me know that He wants a more intimate relationship with me. I have been learning more and more that He wants me to be more child like. I have been praying about what this really means- to be God’s daughter. What does it really mean to be child like? It’s crazy how when we ask Him something He answers us!! So, I asked and the NEXT day He answered.  I have been praying with a book called “God’s Armor” by Mother Nadine from the Intercessor’s of the Lamb. God has been speaking powerfully to me through it.  God led me to the book for the answer.  Mother Nadine writes on page 67 “Children are so pure and transparent.   Whatever they are thinking on the inside, it’s right there on the outside.  God wants there to be no duality or hypocrisy with in us.  God wants us to be simple.”  She goes on to say “but original sin has taken away our simplicity.”  She also says that “children live in the present.  They don’t understand next week, next month etc..  God also lives in the present.”  So if He does, so should I.  I don’t need to relive the past or worry about the future.  For me, though, this is easier said than done.

God also has been showing me the kind of father He wants to be and is for me.  A priest I know was really trying to look out for me and make sure my needs were being met.  As I was listening to him, all of a sudden something clicked and I realized that this is what God wants to do for me.  As my heavenly father, He wants to take care of me and protect me .  I have heard this a thousand times but suddenly it made sense.  All I need to do is be childlike-pure, transparent, simple and live in the present with Him.  I ask for your prayers as I try to live more and more like a child of God.

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