New Year Week 1

Happy New Year to YOU!

First, I must apologize for being so behind in my blogs! Secondly, thank you to all of you who continue to support me as a missionary; I can’t even express how much you bless my life!

Since the last time I have blogged, I have been out of the country, rejoiced over the birth of our Lord, said good-bye to another full year of life, welcomed a new year, and celebrated the joy of the Magi visiting our Savior…the least I can say is that much has happened!

In my prayer life, I feel like the Lord is speaking a common theme to my heart which is to be missionary in every aspect of my life.  When I went to Mexico, I experienced the pure joy of ministering to those living in extreme poverty. I  believe this is the easiest type of mission to attend as it is simple to love Jesus in the poor. However, the Lord has been putting it in my heart that I need to be missionry to those around me who don’t live in a physical poverty; rather, I must love those who live in the much too common spiritual poverty in our country. Frequently, people question why I am a missionary in the U.S. They state that I should be in another country. They are indeed correct, to some extent, that other countries do need missionaries. However, sometimes, I sense that we get so caught up in serving other countries that the poverty in our own becomes invisible. Today, we attended the Life Teen Holy Hour (Every Thur., the whole Life Teen staff becomes united through attending Adoration at the same time. Yes, we even overcome different time zones and adjust our schedules so that every Life Teen Staff member/missionary can Adore our King at the same time no matter where they are located in the country). One of our members spoke about the importance of being missionary in the U.S. and the challenges that arise and stretch us intelectually, spiritually, and emotionally. This made me realize how much our own country needs missionaries. More importantly, it seems that all of us as Christians need to keep each other accountable to being missionary in every aspect of our lives as this is what Christ calls us to do.

Over the past week, the Lord has confirmed my call to be a missionary and is revealing that this is not just a one year committment. At the same time, I think this is a call for every Christian. The Lord asks us to love as HE loves and to act as HE acts. Please pray for me to be obedient to this call and I invite you to join me on this mission to love constantly as Jesus does with

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