Okay, so here’s the deal…I’ve been on and off the blog page five times today. I have this conviction on my heart to blog today but I have no idea what I should say. So I’ll talk about Focus. As I was typing in the title to this blog thinking about all the things I could write about I got a good chuckle from the word I was typing. Focus, I’m having issues with that right now, just in general not being able to focus on things happening right in front of me, or day dreaming about random other things. Either way this word means so much to me today.

Before we went on Christmas break my brother Nick (who is from the same area as me) told me about an event him and Sara (she’s a Covecrest missionary) were thinking bout attending while we were home. The event was the Focus National Conference hosted by Focus ministries. Focus is a missionary program that works on college campuses around the country bringing a Catholic community to students. Every year they have a big convention and this year we happened to be only an hour away from it.

So I told Sara and Nick that if I could work it into my schedule I would want to attend. Truth was I’m not the kind of girl who climbs in a car with no information on what I’m doing with 2 random people (ok so they weren’t random) so when I told them i would try and go I was kinda hoping something would fall through and I would have to say yes or no. As God would have it things didn’t fall through and soon Nick was blowing up my phone asking if I was going to go. I finally talked to my dad and Nick got super excited when I told him I would go.

So on News Years Eve the three Florida missionaries drove over to Orlando to hang out with a ton on college kids. As we were heading over there I was still kind of uncomfortable with not knowing what we were exactly doing or where we were going, but I followed, completely on faith. Turns out this conference is kind of a big deal. We ran into a bunch of people we knew and we rang in2010 with a tin of awesome young Catholics….it was truly and amazing experience. Plus at midnight Nick and Sara and I were able to call our missionary family and wish them a happy new year together and we spent the night with Jesus in adoration.

I guess that whole “going on blind faith” thing really worked out for me in the end. Praise God.

Well we are heading home now and I must say my time spent at home was great, the conversations were blessed the time spent with family was fun and to be able to worship with my childhood community was exactly what I needed.

Now it’s back to Mesa for more fun with the community….I can;t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us next!!!!



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