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Yesterday at mass Monsignor Tally, the pastor of my church, gave an amazing and bold homily about keeping things Christ centered, mainly our families and communities since it was the feast of the Holy Family.  His words really struck me.  I have been very fortunate to grow up in a very faithful family.  My mom is a convert to the Catholic faith, five years ago my dad was ordained a deacon and my two sisters and I over time have become very active in our faiths. But I realized that although we were all walking with Christ, we weren’t walking together.  We rarely discussed our faith journeys, struggles, consolations, convictions until recently but I can’t imagine situations that could have been different had we been leading each other constantly closer to Jesus through our sharing and examples.  I am saying all this just to point out how important it is to talk about faith and keep Christ the center of families.  If you are reading this, be bold and begin a family prayer time. If you already have one, remain sincere and not feeling like you are just doing it out of obligation. Yes we all struggle because we are human, even Mary and Joseph did not always understand what God was asking of them but their faithfulness should be an example to all of us whether we are a child or parent, a brother or sister in a family

I was convicted in mass about making sure I am making Christ the center of everything I am doing.  Every morning the missionaries have a Holy hour from 7:15-8:15.  It is a time for us to pray and be fully present to Christ in adoration.  I have realized though that probably six out of the seven days of the week, I begin my Holy hour all about me, “God these are my struggles…God these are my desires…God these are my petitions…” Although I know God cares so much about these things,  I need to be making it more about Him and less about me. He will always take care of my struggles, desires, and petitions in His time. I have Christ sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, am I truly recognizing that? I need to be praising Him and thanking Him for being my savior, my love, my comforter, protector, Alpha and Omega!  

I think my New Year’s resolution this year and for my whole life will be to make Christ the center of EVERYTHING; when I run, when I sleep, when I eat, when I pray, when I go to mass, when I am with my family, when I am with community. 

Holy family I pray for your intercession.

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