Witnessing God in the Desert

Sorry it has taken me so long to write about Mexico.  I have been processing all the ways God worked and is continuing to work through my experience in Mexico.  I think the best way to explain how huge God is and how present He was to us is to tell you a story of one of the nights we had there. 

Every evening all the missionaries would get into their rancho groups and we would head out from the missionary house to a rancho for prayer services.  (A rancho is kind of like a little town maybe with about 30 families.  If fortunate, they receive mass once a month.)  I loved these prayer services.  It was beautiful to witness the people and how quickly they would come to the chapel when we arrived.  The people did not know we would be coming so they could be in the middle of cooking dinner but they dropped everything to come to Jesus.  I kept remembering what St. Theresa of Avila said, “Christ has no human body on this earth anymore so we are called to be His hands and feet.”  We were bringing Christ to these people.  We were His hands and His feet. Anyway, one night we were at a rancho literally in the middle of nowhere called Kilometer 64.  Towards the end of the prayer service we went around and said petitions.  All the women there began to pray for the missionaries and were so thankful that we came to be with them when they felt like no one cared.  They were so thankful for our presence.  I was so thankful that I could speak spanish in order to understand them.  After we were done praying, I went outside to see the most beautiful sunset EVER…God was painting the sky.  I then went up to Alex and told him that the ladies were praying for us.  I continued to say, “How amazing is it that we are in the middle of nowhere in Mexico and we have people praying for us?”  I could never have imagined a year ago that I would be standing there viewing the most beautiful sunset and having women praying for US! Surrendering my life to God and saying Yes to His call led me to a prayer service in the Mexican desert….I can only imagine where else He can lead me if I fully rely on Him and surrender to His call. 

I was moved even more when I noticed how little these people have but they are so joyful.  Its because they fully rely on God for everything. They know He will provide.  There was a lady we visited who needed to do laundry so bad but the days were very stormy.  Finally a sunny day came on a Sunday.  She told us she was so tempted to wash her clothes but knew Sunday was a day of rest and she could not do work.  She prayed for God to provide her with another sunny day.  She rested on Sunday following Gods will and the next day was sunny.  She praised God.  How often do I not rely on God for even things I think are simple, like doing laundry?  How often do I actually rest on Sundays? These people have more faith and joy in God then I have ever witnessed before.  The world thinks things and wealth bring happiness but you have never seen happiness until you have witnessed people who are spiritually rich.  I long to be like the people in Mexico and detach from what the world thinks is necessary to survive.  God spoke to me so much through their joy.  I was able to experience the simple joy God meant for this world to experience everyday while I was in Mexico and have tried hard to bring it back home with me.  I would rather be spiritually rich and have nothing, then to be attached to the things of this world and be spiritually poor.  God will provide.  We are all called to be missionaries to witness and spread the Gospel and as much as we were trying to do that in Mexico, the people in Mexico were doing the same right back to us.  We were all being missionary and witnessing to each other.  I learned as from them about what it means to be in Love with God and relying on Him for everything.

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